University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Chittagong University was founded on 3 December 1965 by Fazlul Qadir Chaudhry in Chittagong City. He was one of the main facilitators for the demand of the university. University of Chittagong is located in Fatehpur Union, Hathazari Upazila about 22 kilometres north of the Chittagong city around 1753.88 acres of hilly and flat land.

The university opened on 18 November 1966 with Master of Arts program classes for 200 students in the Departments of Bengali, English, History, and Economics. The Departments of Medicine, Engineering, Law, and Education were later incorporated as separate departments in colleges outside the university.

There are 687 faculty members working in various departments, institutes and research centres. Most of them are highly qualified and trained with long teaching and research experiences. Among the faculty members 209 possess Ph.D., 22 have M.Phil., 61 have foreign Masters degree, while others possess local Degree Honours & Masters with outstanding performance. There are 38 departments in this university

The Chittagong University Library is situated on the university campus, and since 1990, has been housed in its own building of 56,700 square feet. The library is managed by a 14-member Library Committee. The library collection consists of about 350,000 books and over 40,000 bound journals.

The Chittagong University Museum was established on 14 June 1973. The museum started with a collection of artifacts from the History Department. It collected fossils from Nasirabad hills. The museum build up a collection of historical artifacts and painting.

Chittagong University Affiliated Colleges

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