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The University of Glasgow School of Medicine is the medical school of the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and is one of the largest in Europe, offering a 5-year MBChB degree course.The University of Glasgow School of Medicine has a history dating back to its seventeenth-century beginnings. Achievements in medical science include contributions from renowned physicians such as Joseph Lister (antisepsis), George Beatson (breast cancer), John Macintyre (X-rays and radiology), William Hunter (anatomy and obstetrics) and Ian Donald (ultrasound). In addition to achievements in medical science, the school has produced distinguished literary figures such as Tobias Smollett and AJ Cronin.

Robert Mayne was appointed the Professor of Medicine in 1637 and held this post until 1645. After a lapse of almost 70 years, John Johnstoun MD was appointed in 1714. However, the modern School of Medicine did not come into being until 1751, when William Cullen was appointed Professor of Medicine.

The School of Medicine (and the rest of the University) moved from their original location in High Street, to Gilmorehill in the city’s west end in 1870. This came after nearly 40 years of discussions about the future of the School, which was growing in size and reputation throughout the 19th century. In 1996, the School of Medicine introduced a new curriculum. In response to the GMC document ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors’, the new course was integrated and delivered by Problem-based learning.

In 2002, the School of Medicine moved into the purpose built Wolfson Medical School Building located at the bottom of University Avenue, designed by Reiach and Hall. In 2005, it was included in the Prospect 100 best modern Scottish buildings rankings.

In 2009 the school received an award for Excellence in Learning and Education at the inaugural BMJ awards.

In 2010, due to changes in the structure of the NHS and the University, the School of Medicine delivered a new medical course, meeting the recommendations of TD3 and producing graduates more equipped in working and leading in health-care systems around the work. As a result, the most formidable change was the introduction of a course which incorporated all current forms of teaching, moving away from a Problem-based Learning core of teaching.

Students are introduced to clinical scenarios from the beginning of their education. Facilities include areas for developing clinical skills and a fully equipped ward housed in the award-winning Wolfson Medical School Building.

The School of Medicine is one of three schools in the University of Glasgow’s Biomedical Territory, which also includes the School of Biological & Life Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine. The Biomedical Territory is home to more than 485 academic staff, including approximately 160 clinicians.

The School has achieved success across the board for Overall Satisfaction in the 2016 National Student Survey, with all three subjects above 90%. Dentistry has risen to 99%, Medicine to 91%, and Nursing has achieved 97% for the second year running. These results are a remarkable achievement, and reflect the hard work of many dedicated staff in the School of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing.

The School of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing is part of the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences.  It contains the Dental School, School of Nursing & Health Care, Undergraduate Medical School and Forensic Medicine & Science.

It also contains these research groups that are not located within Research Institutes, including Child Health, Anaesthetics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Human Nutrition and Surgery.

The School is dispersed over University and Hospital sites.  The main site for Dentistry is the Glasgow Dental Hospital and for Medicine, the Wolfson Medical School Building, the New Lister Building at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and since 2015, the Teaching & Learning Centre at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

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