University of Mauritius Faculty of Science, Department of Medicine, Mauritius

With the opportune creation of the Faculty of Science in February 1989 of the University of Mauritius, Government had rightly foreseen our present need for graduates adaptable to a wide range of jobs and able to identify new areas of advance. The Faculty is now a major facility for the educational and research development of the country. As Government addresses the challenge of turning the country into a NIC, it has clearly stated its intentions to tap, optimise and build upon the rich potentials of the Faculty of Science to strengthen its National scientific and technological capabilities.


The science undergraduate programme has significantly evolved from the original Joint Honours Degree programme. As from the 1997/98 academic year, B.Sc. Single Honours degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics and B.Sc. Combined Honours degrees in any of these subjects and additionally Environmental Science (as a minor subject) are offered on a newly developed credit course system. This system of study has been adopted to optimise present and future human, infrastructural and financial resources to cope with the University’s policy of globalising, democratising, and widening access to tertiary education, to provide greater flexibility in fields of study and in degrees awarded, and to eventually broaden the educational horizon of graduates through the study of traditional social science modules like Management Studies and Economics via inter- faculty interactions. The award of a host of degrees pertaining to national development becomes easily envisageable within this framework. Furthermore, in a bold move to democratise the study of medicine in Mauritius, the Faculty has introduced in collaboration with the Universities of Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne, a B.Sc. in Medical Science. An M.Sc. programme in Applied Mathematics and Modelling has also started in August 1997. Other courses are also run as and when required for the public and private sector. Collaboration with the Mauritius Institute of Education exists for the running of Bachelor of Education courses in science subjects to upgrade secondary school teachers.

To provide specialist scientific training of international standard to a rapidly increasing number of students; to ensure that its graduates acquire knowledge, professional competence, a sense of community responsibility, and have the possibility to continue their professional and personal development beyond the confines of their chosen fields.

To optimise the research potentials of the Faculty to solve problems, with provisions for fundamental research. SERVICE – to contribute to the development of the country’s international responsibility and competitiveness; to enhance the Faculty’s relationship with the professions; and to increase community awareness of issues through professional service and social commentary.

The academic staff of the Faculty are distributed in the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Health & Medical Sciences, and the SSR Centre for Medical Studies and Research. The staff profile of the Faculty along with the main research areas and departmental links are given in the centre-page . Further details are available at the Dean’s Office, Faculty of Science.

The University of Mauritius Library has been set up to provide the necessary bibliographic support as well as the services and facilities to satisfy the information needs of its various categories of users, especially the registered students and the academic and technical staff of the university. Its primary goal is to provide an effective and efficient library service to its users by making accessible to them the materials required to enable them to meet their information needs through a current and effective reference and information service.

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