University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Philippines

The University Of Santo Tomas Faculty Of Medicine And Surgery is the medical school of the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest and largest Catholic university in Manila, Philippines.

Established in 1871, the faculty is the first medical school in the Philippines. It is proclaimed to be a Center of Excellence by the Commission on Higher Education.

Petition for the establishment of colleges dedicated to medicine and pharmacy started in 1682, 61 years after the foundation of the University of Santo Tomas. On November 22 of the same year, the Spanish granted the petition but nothing came of it due to financial and technical difficulties. By 1785, the Dominican Friars put it on the priority list and despite the enthusiasm of Governor General Mariano Folgueras, the planned colleges failed to materialize until the late 19th century.

The Faculty of Medicine was eventually associated with Colegio de San Jose as both were suffering from lack of financial support. Both institutions were saved by Dr. Esteban Rodriguez de Figueroa’s last will and testament which stated that his wealth be given to the Society of Jesus. The haciendas of Colegio de San Jose were turned over to the University of Santo Tomas as ordered by Governor General Domingo Moriones y Muralla in 1879. These were returned to the Society of Jesus in 1910 which was to fund a seminary now known as the San Jose Seminary.

It was also associated with the San Juan de Dios Hospital which functioned as the college’s clinical arm as decreed by King Alfonso of Spain on October 29, 1875.This setup continued until 1941 when the Japanese took over Quezon Institute and transferring all of its medical staff and patients to San Juan de Dios Hospital. Clinical training during this time was in partnership with Saint Paul Hospital in Intramuros until the walled city’s destruction during the Liberation of Manila.

With the reopening of the Faculty of Medicine in España, it experienced substantial growth. In 1932, the Faculty began to accept female students and by 1937, about 30 women physicians were graduated.

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas commits herself to the pursuit of excellence in medical education, health science research and community services, guided by Christian ethics and values.

The UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery affirms her task in the development and formation of competent, compassionate, and committed Thomasian physicians in the delivery of health care services of global standards and in accord with the needs of the nation.

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