Vo Truong Toan University Faculty of Medicine, Viet Nam

Established on Feb 18th, 2008 basing on decision number 196/QD-TTg by the Prime Minister, Vo Truong Toan University is under Ministry of Education and Training. VTTU is responsible for training students at multi-level and multi-disciplinary, aiming at providing highly trained and skilled, qualified and creative human resources for Mekong Delta, in particular, and Vietnam, in general.

VTTU strategically constructs a typical university with an international stature in size and quality. Constructed in the model “the city of University” with an area of  20 hectares, to 2015, VTTU will become a prestigious center of training human resources in the advanced tertiary education system; plays an important role in upgrading academic standard and production labor force in the context of  intergrading into international economy; supports actively to the management and the build-up of qualified young employees, who have good ability to acquire the transfer of technology from advanced countries and international partners.

Currently, the ten disciplines  of Vo Truong Toan university are: : General Medicine, Pharmacy, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance – Banking, Management treatment services and travel tour operators, International Economics, Vietnamese Linguistics & Literature, English Language, Information Technology. Among the disciplines, there are 10 disciplines in bachelor’s degree and the three in associate’s degree. Marking a significant development in the expansion of the training disciplines, Vo Truong Toan University opens up new opportunities for examinees who are working a part- time regular system in training General Medicine, Pharmacy, Finance – Banking, Accounting and Information Technology.

During its formation and development processes, VTTU always greatly received both material and spiritual support from the local government at all levels and the Ministry of Education and Training. That is a valuable assistance and motivation to its route for the development.

The dormitory of Vo Truong Toan University with a modern and comfortable model finished in the June of 2010 is one of the important development stages in the development scale that is more and more well-rounded and stable of Vo Truong Toan University.

The lecture buiding with a capacity of 8.000 students is the works  with a complete and modern scale in the area at the moment. Each room is equipped with computers connected to the Internet and multimedia projectors, microphones, standard- sound speakers, lighting equipment, ventilaters, and AV.

The university has invested in information technology in order to become a modernized model of a university in education management. The school is always a pioneer in applying information technology in studying: Using e-learing during a course and wireless services to retrieve the information everywhere.

For English, the university has a particular lecture building. Each room is equipped with air-conditioners and projectors. The number of students is limited from 40-50 so that students can practise speaking in groups and interact with lecturers. The  second floor of the Commercial Service Center.

VTTU brings aspirations to create a learning environment and modern with the goal of developing university education with high quality. All training programs are built and completed based on the basis of the framework program from the Ministry of Education and Training, in accordance with the training objectives while they are also according to society demands. In addition, training programs are always double-checked, adjustment and improvement based on feedback from faculties, recruiter and professors.

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