Weifang Medical University

Weifang Medical College is a province of Shandong province full-time ordinary medical college, located in the middle of the Shandong Peninsula, the world famous kite are – Weifang City. The history of the school originated in thelate 19th century and early 20th century, Weifang Le Road, the establishment of the music school health school and Weixian American Presbyterian Hospital. In 1951, the Shandong Provincial People’s Government Health Department in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health of the East China Military and Political Commission, instructed Changwei District Center Health Center in Weifang to build Shandong Province Chang Wei doctors school. In 1958, converted to Changwei Medical College, in 1987 , changed its name to the present name.

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School in 1958 began undergraduate education, in 1986 by the master’s degree grant, in 1998 by the students enrollment qualification, in 2008 , the school with outstanding achievements through the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching level assessment, personnel training quality and characteristics of the Ministry of Education expert group Fully affirmed 2012 approved for the service of the country special needs Dr. personnel training project unit, 2013 began to recruit doctoral students. In 2014 , preventive medicine was approved for inclusion in the first batch of undergraduate admission. In 2016 , the new clinical medicine, anesthesiology, public management three professional included in the first batch of undergraduate admission, clinical medicine group (clinical medicine, anesthesiology, oral medicine, medical imaging, medical testing technology) and Public service management professional group (public utilities management, preventive medicine, medical testing technology, applied psychology) was awarded the high level of application of key projects in Shandong Province construction (group). The school is the construction of qualified talents in Shandong Province, the construction of elite schools, the National Excellence Doctor Education and Training Program pilot colleges and universities, Shandong Province outstanding engineer education and training program project schools, Shandong Province, higher education center innovation unit construction unit.

The school for the 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) enrollment, the existing full-time doctorate, master’s degree graduate more than 1,300 people, more than 16,000 undergraduates, nearly 500 students.

he school has 16 hospital – (tie), 24- undergraduate majors, covering medicine, science, management, law, education, engineering, literature 7 major disciplines, and formed a medical education as the main body, medicine and other medical disciplines Coordinated development, mutual promotion of disciplines professional characteristics. The existing clinical medicine, public utilities management, nursing, anesthesiology and other national characteristics of four professional, provincial characteristics and brand of professional 9 , the provincial undergraduate colleges and universities applied to cultivate professional development support program construction professional 2 . There are 8 provincial quality courses, 46 provincial quality courses.

Campus Address: 7166, Baotong West Street, Weifang City, Shandong Province

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