Xuzhou Medical College

Xuzhou Medical University, situated in Xuzhou, a historical and cultural city in Jiangsu Province(eastern part of China, with less than three hours by train to Beijing at the north and Shanghai at the south), is an institution of higher education under the direct administration of Jiangsu Provincial Government.

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The history of XZMU could be traced back to Jiangsu Provincial College of Medical Policy and Management founded in 1934. In 1958, a branch school of Nanjing Medical College moved out to Xuzhou, known as Xuzhou Campus of Nanjing Medical College. In 1960, this Campus was named as Xuzhou Medical College. In 2016, the school upgraded from a college to an university, and renamed as Xuzhou Medical University. Now, it has become the center of medical education, medical service and medical research in the north of Jiangsu Province as well as in the whole Huaihai Economic Zone(comprising the combined parts of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhwei), with distinct school characteristics.

The school started its its five-year undergraduate program in 1958 and master’s program in 1985. In 1993, the school began its joint PhD training programs with some of the most famous medical universities and research institutions in the nation. In 2013, the school was authorized by the Degree Committee of the State Council to award doctoral degree.

XZMU offers a full range of courses for 24 undergraduate programs involving 4 discipline categories, namely, Medical Science, Natural Science, Engineering and Management.The school has 2 first-level discipline doctoral programs of Clinical Medicine and Biology, a post doctoral research station, and 5 first-level discipline master’s programs involving Clinical Medicine, preclinical medicine, Biology, Pharmacology, public health and preventive medicine, and 2 professional master’s programs of clinical medicine and pharmacology. The school is entitled to recommend fresh graduates to pursue for master’s degree by exempting them from the National Graduate Admission Test.

The school has 3 campuses, covering an area of over 1100 Mu(equals to 73 hectares). It consists of 18 departments and 14 affiliated hospitals. Presently, there’re more than 1400 employees.At present, the total enrollment of XZMC amounts to 13,000, including students from Taiwan and the overseas. It has now formed a comprehensive and multi-level educational system that covers a full range of programs from bachelor’s to master’s, from doctoral to post-doctoral study, from full-time to continuing education, not only for students from China mainland, but also for students from abroad and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well.

Campus Address: 209 Tongshan Road, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 221004, P. R. China

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