Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in June 1953 , when the name of Zhejiang Province, Chinese medicine training school; in June 1959 theestablishment of Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, officially launched full-time undergraduate education, the school is located in Hangzhou Qingchun Street, Zhejiang University site; 2000 Year in March moved to Hangzhou Binjiang Higher Education School, in February 2006 changed its name to Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, September 2015 Riverside College relocation project (Fuchun campus) completed and put into use. The school covers an area of ​​mu, with a total construction area of ​​more than 470,000 square meters, with Binwen campus and Fuchun campus.

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The school is the first batch of Chinese nation to recruit and train Chinese medicine graduate students, access to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enrollment rights, exemption from Hong Kong students to recruit high school of Chinese medicine, Zhejiang Province is the first batch of colleges and universities to obtain doctoral degree, postdoctoral research station and the country Key disciplines of institutions, but also the national innovation talent training demonstration base and the national college students innovation and entrepreneurship training program units. Under the first clinical medical school, the second clinical medical school, the third clinical medical school, basic medical school, College of Stomatology, School of Pharmacy, nursing school, medical and technical college, life sciences, humanities and social sciences, adult education college (continuing Education), Institute of international Education, held 1 independent colleges (Riverside College). (Affiliated First Hospital (Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Affiliated Second Hospital (Xinhua Hospital of Zhejiang Province), Affiliated Third Hospital (Zhejiang Zhongshan Hospital) 3 affiliated hospitals and 20 non-affiliated hospitals.

The school has full-time students 14282 people (including independent colleges), undergraduates 11959 , Master’s 1818 doctoral 179 people, educated students 326 people. Campus has a staff of 1137 people, schools and affiliated hospitals is high title a total of 333 people, including Chinese Academy of Engineering academician 1 people, 973 chief project scientist 1 person, Zhejiang province premium Expert 1 people, the national “New Century Talents project “candidate 2 people, teachers teaching in colleges and universities of Chinese medicine 2 people, the national academic inheriting experience of guiding teacher old Chinese medicine experts 30 people, Zhejiang Province,” thousands of people plan “selected candidates 6 people, Zhejiang Province,” Qianjiang scholar “Professor 6 people, the Ministry of Health and Zhejiang Province has outstanding contributions to young and middle-aged experts 7 , Zhejiang Province, 7 teaching teachers , Zhejiang Province, 43 Chinese medicine practitioners .

School adhere to the Lide tree as a fundamental, established from the bachelor, master, doctor to postdoctoral integrity of the personnel training system. Built in Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, Chinese and Western medicine combined with three postdoctoral research station. Has a doctoral 14 , covering Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine two first-class disciplines and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine disciplines; 50 master’s degree , covering Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, Chinese and Western medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, pharmacy six first-class disciplines And biochemical two subjects and independent set of audiology and other nine master’s degree; with Chinese medicine doctorate degree and Chinese medicine, clinical medicine, oral medicine, nursing, public management master’s degree grant. Offer undergraduate 28 , belonging to medicine, science, engineering, management, arts and other 5 disciplines, including national specialty 5 Ge, Zhejiang Province, “second five” professional advantage, emerging specialty, international professional 14 Ge , “Thirteen Five” advantages of professional 5 Ge; medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy 3 professional professional certification by the Ministry of Education. Has a national teaching team 1 , the national fine course 9 , the National Excellence Doctor (TCM) education and training program 3 , the national professional comprehensive reform project 1 , national experimental teaching demonstration center and college students outside the practice base 2 . Won the national teaching achievement award two prize three. Has twice won the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching work to assess the level of excellence. In recent years, the initial employment rate of graduates remained at 95% or more, graduates to participate in Chinese medicine category physician qualification examination pass rate ranked the forefront of the national hospital.

Campus Address: 548 Binwen Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

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