Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College

Approved by Ministry of Education on February 17, 2006, Zunyi Medical and PharmaceuticalCollege (ZMPC) was officially established through merging the former Zunyi Sanitation School and Zunyi Traditional Chinese Medicine School on June 20, 2006.ZMPC has a total area of 1394 mu, with approximately 10000 full-time students.

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In 2008,ZMPC was awarded by Ministry of Health as “Advanced Unit of Blood Donation”. In2010, it was qualified for education evaluation.

Practicing years by years, ZMPC has gradually run the school on the logic of “developing Chinese and Western medicine simultaneously”, and on the principle of “adult education subject to training education, with secondary vocational education and vocational education training as the secondary parts”. There are 14 majors,including Clinical Medicine, Clinical Medicine (General Family Medicine),Nursing, Midwifery, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Tuina, Medical Examination Technology, Medical Image Technology, RehabilitationTechnology, Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Pharmacology, Medical Marketing,Medical Nutrition, Management of Public Health. Medicine has been listed on construction projects of open training base in Guizhou Province .

Based on“quaternity” mode, ZMPC has established a close interaction between the teaching, the training, the internship, and the practical training. With a rate of more than 100% admission to ZMPC as the first choice, and a rate of more than 95% employment after graduation, the college has continuously kept the situation of “High enrollment rate with excellent graduates”. Two affiliated hospitals are subordinated to ZMPC, together with another two non-affiliated hospitals.

There are 678 teachers in our school, including full-time teachers and part-time teachers. Among them are 578 double-professionally titled teachers;99 teachers have master or doctor degrees and more than 239 teachers are associate professors. Among professional teachers, double-professionally titled teacher accounts for 88.43%. The part-time teacher accounts for 27.3%.
The Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College is a national second-class hospital which boasts the following titles: baby-friendly hospital, the first batch of “People trusted hospital” and designated hospital of medical insurance for urban workers in Zunyi .It is also a designated hospital of medical insurance for urban residents in Zunyi , a designated hospital with new rural cooperative medical insurance for Honghuagang District, Huichuan District and Zunyi County, a designated hospital of medical insurance for employees of Chengdu Railway Bureau and their families.The affiliated hospital of zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College covers a floor area of 86,000 square meters and has 2 professors, 64 associate professors and 62 doctors who acquired medium grade professional titles.

Address : Pingan Road, Xinpu District ,Zunyi City.

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