Fergana State University Medical Centre, Uzbekistan

Ferghana State University is considered to be the leading educational establishment of Uzbekistan. Having a solid material base, it has been training high-qualified specialists for various spheres of national economy and education system for more than 70 years, research activities in fundamental areas of science is being conducted.

The history of the University’s foundation is connected with the period of restoration of national economy in the last century’s 30s, development of educational system, training qualified specialists for various branches, first of all, for national education. At this time, Ferghana Pedagogical Institution was founded based on the decision dated May 1, 1930, which was made by the Council of National Commissioners. The opening of the institution in Ferghana Valley had very important meaning not only for the development of education, it opened opportunities for scientific and cultural flourishing. Up to this day, the institution has graduated more than 10 000 high-qualified specialists in various spheres of national economy.

In the last century’s 80s, Ferghana Region’s productive forces started to progress, while implementing achievements of science and engineering in national economy equally played a significant role. Region’s governing bodies and general public united the solution of several objectives including improving science and engineering, effective use of scientific potential in industry and national economy development by renaming the Ferghana Pedagogical Institution into a University. Based on the decree of Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated Macrh 1, 1991, Ferghana Pedagogical Institution received a status of Ferghana State University. Since this time, the institution went through many large-scale structural changes. New faculties, chairs and specialties were launched. Since 1991-1992 academic year, Ferghana State University started to train specialists in several new specialties: Applied Sociology, Psychology, Law, Rational Consumption of Nature Recourses and Environmental Protection, Economics and Management, Economics and Social Planning, Bioengineering and Medical Appliances. There were significant improvements in professional and teaching staff. In 1991-92 academic year, the University had 545 lecturers, with 19 specialists having Doctor`s degree and 208 – Candidate of Science Degree. In comparison, 1178 students (with 5053 people studying full-time) were admitted in 1991-92; In 2002-03, 2040 bachelors and 115 postgraduates were admitted, 8181 in total (with 1650 people having correspondence course).

The administration of University paid special attention to further improvement in professional and teaching stuff, and it was positively reflected in the growing number of specialists with Academic Degrees, including Doctor’s, Candidate’s, Associate Professor and professor Degrees. By 2007-08, 32 lecturers of the University had received Doctor’s and Professor’s Degree, 140 had received degrees of Associate Professor and Candidate of Science; with the total number of stuff of 646. Such a result had a positive effect on educational process.

During 1991-2007, more than 100 professors and teachers visited foreign countries including United States, France, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, South Korea and Russia; were introduced with their systems of education.

Masters Postgraduate Course is a special educational stage, according to a “National Program of Education”. Since 2000, the University has Masters Courses in following specialties: differential equations, the physiology of humans and animals, botany, inorganic chemistry, theoretical physics, economy of sectors, literature, linguistics, Native history, methods of sociological research.

In 2002, the University graduated first specialists with Masters degree. In 2003, new Masters Degree specialties were founded, and its number reached the number of 16.

Nowadays, the University has Postgraduate Courses with 14 specialty directions, Doctors Course with 2 directions, which shows the University’s effective realization of continuous system of National Education.

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