Iloilo Doctors’ College of Medicine, Philippines

The ILOILO DOCTORS’ COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, INC. is a special department of the Iloilo Doctors’ College. It was opened in July 1981 in consortium with the West Visayas State College, Iloilo City. The Iloilo Doctors’ College itself was established in June 1972 and is owned and operated by the Integrated Educational Cooperation (Iloilo) or IECI. Two years after, the consortium was discontinued so that starting with the school year 1983-84 the College OF Medicine became independent from West Visayas State College became a foundation and in June 13, 1988 it was granted recognition by the government for its four year medical course leading to the Degree of Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). The school is now officially known as the ILOILO DOCTORS’ COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, INC.

There have been quite a number of the IDC graduates who figured remarkably in their respective licensure examinations and are successful in their respective professional fields, both public and private.

DC Library provides information services and facilities responsive to the educational needs and integral formation of the students by collaborating actively with the administration and faculty in pursuit of academic excellence. It aims to help the faculty enhance their teaching – learning process through the maximum productive utilization of print and non-print materials as well as create an environment conducive for learning.

The ILOILO DOCTORS’ COLLEGE is devoted to the total development of individuals fully equipped with the proper attitudes and values, and endowed with good moral character, knowledge, and skills in the medical arts and other sciences relative to the exercise of their respective professions.

The College is committed to provide the best opportunities for its student clientele to lead exemplary and fulfilled lives. These students should be imbued with a high degree of tolerance, patience, compassion, and love of service regardless of social status, race, creed, and religion.

The College aims to accomplish this by adhering to the highest ideals in all aspects of its educational endeavor – the physical, intellectual, and spiritual development of those who choose to come under its tutelage.

As part of the nation’s educational system, the College also aims to contribute in its own way to the attainment of national development goals of economic and social progress, the maximum participation of all people in the attainment and strengthening of national unity and consciousness, and the preservation, development, and promotion of desirable social, cultural, moral and spiritual values.

Address :  Infante St, Molo, Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines.

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