Liaoning normal University

Liaoning Normal University is a provincial key university, located in the beautiful coastal city of northern China – Dalian, Liaoning Province is the basic education teacher training and continuing education base, educational science research and consulting base, college teacher training base, to adapt to regional economic construction And social development needs of the scientific research base, has now become the largest in Liaoning Province, from the demonstration of the role of teacher education center.

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As one of the first established higher normal colleges after the birth of the new China, the school was founded in September 1951, when the initial construction for the Luda Normal College. In 1953 April, changed its name to Dalian Teachers College. July 1958, Dalian Teachers College and Dalian Foreign Language College merged to form Dalian Normal College. In July 1960, changed its name to Liaoning Normal College. In December 1983, changed its name to Liaoning Normal University.

Over the past 65 years, the school and the motherland forge ahead, and the times with the development, temper the hard work, self-improvement, has for the country and society to train more than 20 million qualified personnel. The school always adhere to the direction of socialist education, the full implementation of the national education policy, adhering to the “Houde learned, as a teacher” motto, uphold the “people-oriented, quality first” philosophy, in the cultivation of scientific spirit and humanistic spirit of integration, practical ability Specialists at the same time, actively committed to the modern teacher education, focusing on the school’s comprehensive, international long-term development, emancipate the mind, seize the opportunity to deepen reform, and constantly unite the development of power, enhance the development momentum, accumulated rich experience in running a school , The formation of a good school tradition, the school strength has been significantly enhanced, the cause of sustained, healthy and coordinated development, is a distinctive faculty of education characteristics of a high level of comprehensive university construction goals.

The school has 1,900 faculty members, 1161 full-time teachers. There are 15,000 full-time undergraduates, masters, doctoral students more than 5,000 people. The existing State Council special allowance of 12 people, the Ministry of Education of the new century talents 3 people, the new century millions of talent projects national candidates 2 people, Liaoning Province, millions of talent projects hundred people candidates 29 people, thousands of people 32 people, Liaoning Province, 6 outstanding experts, 11 professors in Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province, “climbing scholar” 1, Liaoning Province, 66 outstanding talent, Dalian City, one outstanding expert, Dalian City, 16 outstanding experts, Dalian City Government special allowance of 7 people, Dalian City, leading talent training project candidates 7 people, Dalian City, leading talent 6 people.

The school campus has two campuses (including the Yellow River Road Campus, Xishan Lake Campus), with 22 colleges, with a graduate school. There are 5 postdoctoral research station, 5 first-level doctoral degree, 32 secondary disciplines doctoral degree; 26 first-level master’s degree, 115 second-level master’s degree, 10 professional degree master’s degree; 4 Liaoning Province, the first-class characteristics of higher education disciplines (a subject); 9 Liaoning Province key disciplines (two subjects).

Campus Address : Huanghe Rd, Shahekou Qu, Dalian Shi, Liaoning Sheng, China, 116000

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