Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (LNUTCM), founded in 1958, is the only institution for higher learning in Liaoning Province to train and educate professionals in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese Pharmacy, Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Chinese Massage, Integration of TCM and Western Medicine in Clinical Practice, Senior Nursing and other related disciplines. The university’s main campus is located in Shenyang, the capital of the LiaoningProvince, with its branch campus in the seaside city – Dalian. The university has received many honors successively, such as National Advanced Association in Discipline Inspections, Supervision and Audit, Liaoning Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations, Advanced Association, Advanced Unit in Spiritual Civilization, May First Labor Award of Liaoning Province, Law-governedModelUniversity and Safe and Civilized Campus.

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During the past 50 years, LNUTCM has developed its own characteristics in aspects of cultivating talents who are good at international communication, experimental creativity and traditional Chinese medicine. It is a base of examination work for the NationalTCMPractitionerCertificationCenter, which is approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China. It is also the National Training Base for TCM-Specialized English, the branch center of National Databases for Retrieval System of TCM Literature and the International Cooperation Center of TCM. LNUTCM has taken research responsibilities for the key technology of clinical trials with new drugs of Traditional Chinese Medicine authorized by The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the national clinical trial of medicine certified by State Food and Drug Administration of the People’s Republic of China. It is also an education and examination center of WFAS in LiaoningProvince and the deputy director institution for Examination and Assessment Committee of WFCMS. LNUTCM is one of the Chinese universities which are first authorized to recruit international students as well as students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

LNUTCM has the authorized review rights in 5 subjects, namely, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Basic Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry and Integration of TCM and Western Medicine. There is 1 nationally outstanding teacher, 1 national master physician of TCM, 16 mentors for training qualified TCM doctors to carry on the experience of veteran medical experts, 6 provincially outstanding teachers, 5 faculty leaders in LiaoningProvince and 25 provincially well-known TCM doctors. Among the teaching staff, there are 2 members who are nominated in the national project of “Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents”, 22 in the Hundred class and 52 in the Thousand class of the provincial project of “Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents”; 49 who enjoy special allowance from the State Council and 10 who are enrolled in the 315 Talent Project of Liaoning Province.

Campus Address : 79 Chongshan E Rd, JinLang ShangQuan, Huanggu Qu, Shenyang Shi, Liaoning Sheng, China, 110032

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