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North China University of Science and Technology(NCUST) is one of the key universities of Hebei Province, which is a comprehensive university taking engineering as the backbone and pursuing a harmonious development of engineering, sciences, economics, management, law and humanities. The university is located in Tangshan, an open city in the Bohai Rim, bordering Beijing, and Tianjin. The university was founded by Hebei Province and the Ministry of Coal Industry in 1958 and was named Tangshan Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

In 1959, the Department of Mining and Metallurgy of Tianjin University with its teachers and students was incorporated into the institute. Since its founding, the university has used names such as Tangshan Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Tangshan Institute of Science and Technology, Hebei Institute of Technology. In May, 2010, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to change its name to Hebei United University, in 2016 the University name is changed to North China University of Science and Technology(NCUST).

The University provides both engineering and medicine streams with harmonious development of sciences, economics, engineering, medicine, management, law and humanities. The university encompasses 31 colleges, providing 80 undergraduate programs, 138 master programs along with 4 professional degree programs and 12 masters of engineering programs. Some of the specialties available are Metallurgical Engineering, Metal Materials Engineering, Mining Engineering, Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation, Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Rehabilitation Therapeutics, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Civil Engineering, and Preventive medicine. There are a total of 12 disciplines approved provincial key disciplines such as Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering, Metallurgy, Mining Engineering, Materials Processing Engineering, Materials Science, Industrial Economics, Bone Surgery, Epidemic and Vital Statistics, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Respiratory Medicine, Labor Health and Environment Health, Pathology and Physiology. There are Six main laboratories and research centers of Hebei Province are established in the university like Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Lab of Hebei Province, Modern Metallurgical Technology Lab of Hebei Province, Mine Developing and Safety Technology Lab of Hebei Province, Earthquake Engineering Research Center of Hebei Province, Coal Mine Sanitation and Safety Lab of Hebei Province, Coal Chemical Engineering Research Center of Hebei Province. The university also provides Injury Research Institute of Hebei Province, Mine Medicare Center Training Base of State Administration of Work Safety, Tangshan Scientific Development Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Philosophy Social Science Research Base of Hebei Province, Tangshan City and Countryside Integration Research Center, Tangshan Academician Workstation and 13 key labs of Tangshan City.  The University has good teaching resources with 1538 teachers including 377 professors and 566 associate professors. 473 teachers hold doctoral degrees. There are total of 48,000 full-time students of all kinds, including more than 170 international students. The university has 8 campuses with a land area of 1,540,000 m2, a floor area of 1,000,000 m2. The total investment of teaching and research equipment is 500 million Yuan RMB. It mainly comprises first-class language labs, E-reading rooms, multimedia classrooms, audio-visual centers CAD centers, computing centers, and network centers. The University provides library facility that has 30 large-scale databases 2.1 million books and journals, and 2.6 million kinds of E-books. The university is the publisher of 6 journals in different streams like engineering, social sciences natural sciences, and medicine. It also provides the first-class affiliated hospital with outstanding professionals and advanced facilities and has obtained the ISO9001 authentication.

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