Northwest University for Nationalities College of Medicine, China

The university’s precedent was the third campus of Northwest People’s Revolutionary University in Lanzhou. From February 1950, the school was planned on the basis of that campus. In August 1950, Northwest Nationalities College was founded, and a senior CPC leader, Wang Feng, became the first president. In April 2003, approved by Ministry of Education and State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the school adopted the current name, Northwest University for Nationalities.

Northwest University for Nationalities is the first minority institution of higher learning founded in China after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, directly under the State Ethnic Affairs Commissionof PRC. The university is in Lanzhou, Gansu Province and covers a land area of 474 acres (1.92 km2). It has two campuses: Northwest Xincun and Yuzhong.

This university offers comprehensive multi-disciplinary classes at three levels of bachelors, masters, and doctoral.

There are 25 faculties and departments, a network & information management center and an experimental center.

At present, the library boasts a collection of about 2.21 million books: 1,370,000 paper books and 840,000 electronic books.

The University Museum contains around 1,500 cultural and historical relics, of which there are 117 state third-class cultural relics.

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