Our Lady of Good Counsel University Faculty of Medicine, Albania

The University, with a catholic inspiration, operates in Albania as a developing factor, respecting the local religions’ traditions in an international perspective. The academic activities are implemented in collaboration with very important Italian Universities (Bari University, Rome University “Tor Vergata”, Milan University, Bologna University, Palermo University, Milan Catholic University) participating with their educational heredity for the growth of this University in Albania.

475 students have been graduated by year 2010. The Catholic University “OLGC” is a non-government, non-profit High Education institution of teaching and scientific nature, established by the Foundation “OLGC”, a structure of the Congregation “Sons of Immaculate Conception” in Rome and recognized by the Holy See. The Catholic University “OLGC” has been established in 2004.

The University is a integral part of the University Health Complex of the same name, which will be closely linked with the Albanian Health System. This Complex is set to be en excellence point in Health Care Service, in High Education and Scientific Research in Albania.

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the Catholic University “Our Lady of the Good Counsel” is among the first in the country in terms of private university education and aims at the care and health of persons. The Faculty of Medicine offers study programs of various levels such as: Bachelor in Physiotherapy and Nursing; 6-year cycle in General Medicine and Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis; as well as masters of 1st and 2nd level.

OLGC Wifi is a service offered to all students, and administrative and academic staff of the University and covers all spaces used for teaching within the university structure. WiFi network users are students enrolled at the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel”, professors and administrative staff. Wifi network also helps for online access of secretary, library, e-mail and many other services.

Stationery Service, set in the grounds of the campus “Our Lady of Good Counsel”, is a service provided to students throughout the development of the learning process at the university. The photocopy provides various services such as photocopying; printing; scanning; plasticization; binding the books, sending e-mails and many others services.

Library Paolo Ruatti was founded in 2004 and contributes to the educational mission of the students through the heritage and its services.  The book heritage is about 15,000 volumes of books and magazines, inventoried according to the standards established by IFLA (International Association of Libraries). Classification and cataloging is carried out according to the international CDD (Decimal Dewey Classification) scheme, which organizes and manages the library fund on the basis of the topic.  The fund of the library is rich and updated in the fields of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Architecture, Economics and Political Science.

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