Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine, China

In 1864, the Yi Wen School Boy’s School at Tengchow was established by Hunter Corbett,Presbyterian missionary to Yantai, Shandong, China.

In 1882, Calvin Wilson Matteer, an American Presbyterian, converted the Tengchow Boy’s School into Tengchow College in Dengzhou (part of Penglai), Shandong, China. In 1884, British Baptists established Tsingchow Boy’s Boarding School, a theological college, in Qingzhou, Shandong, China.

By 1902, the American Presbyterians and English Baptists agreed to combine their schools in Shandong, forming an arts college in Wei County (Weixian, now part of Weifang), a theological college at Qingzhoufu (part of Zibo), and a medical college, in Jinan. The campus in Wei County was known as the “Courtyard of the Happy Way” and was later used by the Japanese military as an internment camp for civilians during the Second World War.

In 1909, the colleges were consolidated as Shantung Protestant University (later changed to Shantung Christian University) in Jinan. The campus was designed by the Chicago architectural firm of Perkins, Fellows and Hamilton. The main buildings were Bergen Science Hall for Chemistry and Biology; Mateer Science Hall for Physics and Physiology, McCormick Hall for administration, and the Kumler Memorial Chapel in the center.

Construction began on Cheeloo Hospital of Shantung Christian University in 1914. It was completed in 1936.

From 1916 to 1923, the former Peking Union Medical College, the Medical Department of Nanking University, the Hankow Medical College, and the North China Union Medical College for Women were all moved to Jinan. These departments were combined to form the Cheeloo University School of Medicine.

During the Second Sino-Japanese War from 1938 to 1945, the university joined five other universities to form West China Union University.

The university was dissolved in 1952 with the establishment of Communist rule. The College of Medicine was merged with the Shantung Provincial Medical College and the resulting Shandong Medical College occupied the entire campus. The College of Science was merged with the new National University in Nanjing while the College of Theology joined Nanking Theological Seminary. The College of Humanities was merged with Shandong University.

Shandong University, founded in 1901, is a key comprehensive university directly under the governance of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is one of the first universities that offered higher education in modern China and now is a member of Project 211 and Project 985, which are national key construction projects supporting the development of high-quality universities. Over its long course of history, it has grown into an influential university known for a complete range of disciplines, strong academic strength and distinctive education characteristics at home and abroad.

The medical sciences of Shandong University originated from Tengchow Wen Hui Kuan, which was established in 1864. Later, it was transformed into Shantung Union Medical School, Medical School of Cheeloo University, Shandong Medical College, Shandong Medical University and now, Cheeloo College of Medicine (CCOM), Shandong University. Together with Peking Union Medical College, Xiangya School of Medicine and West China School of Medicine, Cheeloo College of Medicine is regarded as one of the four most outstanding medical organizations in China. It plays an indispensable role in Chinese medical education.

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