South China Agricultural University

High – level universities in Guangdong Province focus on the construction of colleges and universities. Campus is located in the “Flower City” reputation of the city of Guangzhou, the total land area of ​​8270 acres, of which more than 4407 acres of Tianhe Wushan school, Zengcheng teaching and research base of 3863 acres. The total construction area of ​​the school is 1.37 million square meters. The initial formation of the “all over the world a forest of Bauhinia campus” environment, natural scenery and cultural landscape pavilions, is a good place to study and study.

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The school’s long history can be traced back to the 1909 in Guangdong Province, the province’s agricultural testing field and attached agricultural workshops. In 1952, in the national college faculties, by the Sun Yat-sen University College of Agriculture, Lingnan University College of Agriculture and Guangxi University College of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department of pest and disease part of the establishment of the South China Agricultural College, under the head of the Ministry of Agriculture; Chairman Mao Zedong wrote School name. In 1984, changed its name to South China Agricultural University. In 2000, the state deepened the reform of the management system of colleges and universities, and the school was assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture to the head of Guangdong Province. In December 2004 in the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching work assessment was rated as excellent. The current party secretary of the school is Professor Li Dasheng and the principal is Professor Chen Xiaoyang.

In the course of more than 100 years of school, the school formed a fine school tradition, distinctive school characteristics and “Xiude, learned, truth-seeking, innovative” school spirit, the establishment of graduate education, undergraduate education and continuing education multi- School system. There are 94 undergraduate majors, 12 doctoral degrees authorized a discipline, 23 master’s degree authorized a discipline, 59 doctoral degree authorization, 107 master’s degree authorization; there are agricultural insects and pest control, Crop genetics and breeding, agricultural economic management, fruit trees and prevention of veterinary medicine 5 national key disciplines, agricultural mechanization project 1 national key (nurturing) discipline, five key disciplines of agriculture, 12 Guangdong provincial key disciplines, 4 Guangdong Province, two key disciplines and a national forestry bureau key disciplines. Agricultural science, botany and zoology two disciplines into the ESI (basic science indicators) the world’s top 1%. School teachers are strong. More than 3200 faculty members, professors and associate professors of more than 1,400 people.

Among them, the Chinese Academy of Sciences 1, the Chinese Academy of Engineering 1, the State Council Academic Committee Discipline Review Group members 5, the national “thousands of people plan” 11 people, “Yangtze River scholars reward Plan “9 professors, the National Outstanding Youth Fund winner 7 people, the National Excellent Youth Fund winner 2, the National Special Program (million people plan) 7 people, Guangdong Province, a leader, Guangdong Province, , Guangdong Province, the University of Pearl River scholar job plan 18 people, people (things) social “millions of talent project” candidates 8 people, the Ministry of Education cross / new century talents training program 11 people, Guangdong Province, “thousands of ten projects” National training object 5 people, the Ministry of Science and Technology in science and technology innovation leader 6 people, the Ministry of Agriculture agricultural outstanding talent 4, 4 national teaching teacher, national teaching team 3, doctoral tutor 242, master tutor 998 people. The school is committed to innovative talent training model, focus on cultivating faith perseverance, good moral character, knowledge-rich, highly skilled professionals and top-notch innovative talents. The school has 26 colleges (ministries), the existing full-time students in 4.1 million people, including undergraduate 3. 7 million people, more than 4,000 graduate students, from 27 countries and regions, 70 students. There are 13 national boutique courses (bilingual) courses, 26 provincial boutique courses, 2 national boutique video open courses, 4 provincial boutique video open courses. National boutique resources sharing class 6, provincial boutique resources sharing class 41 door. National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center 4, Guangdong Province, experimental teaching demonstration center 21, 12 national characteristics of professional, Guangdong Province, 24 professional characteristics, the national comprehensive reform pilot 2, the national excellence in personnel training program 8 professional. National science basic science research and teaching personnel training base (biology) 1, the national talent training mode innovation experimental area 1, the national college students outside the practice of education base 6. The school formed a breakthrough to Ding Ying innovation as a breakthrough point to the red full house plan, the main minor, double degree, the international joint school as the main line to the platform plus module-based point, line, face combination, hierarchical, diversified talent Cultivating new models; the implementation of graduate education innovation program has achieved remarkable results, the current school won the national excellent doctoral thesis 4, 6 papers, the subject covers agriculture, engineering and management and other categories.

In the new historical development stage, South China Agricultural University will adhere to the academic, quality first school philosophy, adhere to educate people, moral education for the first philosophy, adhere to academic school, talent strong school, characteristics of Yang school, school style plastic School, harmonious school of the school strategy, adhere to the scale, structure, quality, efficiency and coordinated development of the school policy, adhere to the innovation and development of agriculture and forestry disciplines, science and technology disciplines preferred development, humanities and social characteristics of the development of ideas, and strive to build the school into agriculture Science and life science as the advantage, to tropical and subtropical regional agricultural research, agriculture, industry, culture, science, economics, management, law, arts and other disciplines coordinated development, the overall level of running a domestic first-class, advantages and characteristics of disciplines and fields Of the research reached the international advanced level, distinctive, internationally renowned, domestic high level of teaching and research university.

Campus Address: Tianhe District, Guangzhou, South China Agricultural University, Wushan

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