Southern Medical University, China

Southern Medical University (SMU), the former First Military Medical University, was founded in October 1951 and notarized as one of the premier medical universities in 1978. The university was handed over to the local government of Guangdong Province and meanwhile renamed as Southern Medial University, in line with the command by the State Department and the Central Military Committee of PLA in August 2004. At present, SMU has become one of the 8 prestigious universities authorized by the Ministry of Education to run the pilot 8-year medical education program.

SMU, located at the foot of the picturesque Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou, has two campuses, the main campus and the Shunde campus, covering an area of nearly 1.68 million square meters, with a construction area of 0.845 million square meters.

Southern Medical University formerly known as First Military Medical University, affiliated to the People’s Liberation Army of China, is a Chinese institution of higher learning, located in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, China. Approved by the State Council and the Central Military Commission of the PLA, the university came under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province in August 2004, whereupon it was renamed Southern Medical University.

Southern Medical University is located at the foothills of the picturesque Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou. The main campus, together with its south campus in the southern suburb of Guangzhou, covers an area of nearly one square kilometer. The university has been awarded the first-class garden-like university, for rows of green trees nourish and bouquets of flowers blossom on the campuses all throughout the year.

This University offers courses in Clinical Medicine at the Bachelors and Masters levels, in Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, economics and medical-related fields. Students are also taught English (for Chinese students) and Mandarin Chinese (for foreign students) at the basic level.

Southern Medical University is recognised by the World Health Organization and by the Medical Council of India.The University is a rich haven for research and development in the field of medicine.

Southern Medical University flourishes along with its handover from the military system to the civilian one. Its 7 affiliated hospitals are

  • Nanfang Hospital,
  • Zhujiang Hospital,
  • Hua’nan Hospital,
  • Nanhua Hospital,
  • Stomatology Hospital,
  • Pingxiang Hospital and
  • Jiangdu Hospital,
  • Xinhui People’s Hospital

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