St. Luke’s College of Medicine, William H. Quasha Memorial, Philippines

The medical school was established in 1994. On June 1997, the 14-storey College of Medicine building which hosts the medical school was completed. The school opened its scholarship program in 2005.

St. Luke’s College of Medicine – William H. Quasha Memorial (SLCM-WHQM) is a tertiary medical school in Quezon City, Philippines. It is situated behind the St. Luke’s Medical Center, the base hospital of the college.

For the School Year of 2015-2016, 538 students from first to fifth year enrolled in the school.Students on their fifth year serves as interns for the St. Luke’s Medical Center. Students from other schools have to apply in various hospitals for their internship.

St. Luke’s College of Medicine- William H. Quasha Memorial (SLCM-WHQM) is the medical school of the St. Luke’s Medical Center, the first JCIA accredited hospital in the country. SLCM is interested in identifying applicants for a Doctor of Medicine degree who aim for academic excellence with compassion, integrity, and commitment. Our administration, faculty, staff and graduates are committed to serve the wholistic medical needs of all sectors of society.

The building has five air-conditioned lecture halls with a capacity of at least 100. These rooms serve as the main venue for classes among the 1st to 3rd year levels as well as large meetings or academic conferences of the faculty and other medical staff of the St. Luke’s community.

Several smaller classrooms and discussion rooms are distributed among the 5th to 11th floor. These rooms may accommodate small groups of ten for discussions or larger groups of up to 45 for classes and meetings. The rooms are also used for patient encounter sessions and are equipped with examining tables and beds to aid in honing the skills of students in the physical examination of patients.

There are five Basic Science Laboratories located in the 12th and 10th floors. These laboratories are furnished with the essential equipment and materials necessary for performance of a thorough laboratory exercises such as dissections, slide microscopy, and experiments. The Histology and Pathology laboratories have monitors hooked to a teaching microscope enabling real-time viewing and simultaneous teaching from the professors.

The library occupies the 7th floor of the building with a reader’s area that can accommodate up to 110 users at a time. This is conveniently located adjacent to the Reserve, Circulation & Reference Section. Two Discussion Rooms are provided for small group studies.

The Computer Section holds 20 computer units where internet access is available as well as browsing of the CD-ROMs, on-line journals and other digital collection of the library. WiFi is also available for those who bring their own laptops.

A feature of the library is the William H. Quasha Memorial museum. Located in the center of the library, it aims to make visitors aware of the rich history of the College in addition to Attorney Quasha’s abundant accomplishments.

Address: Cathedral Heights, Sta. Ignaciana St., (back of St Luke’s Medical Center
E. Rodriquez Ave., New Manila) Quezon City 1112

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