Universidad de Los Andes (Venezuela) Facultad de Medicina, Venezuela

The history of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of the Andes, is intimately linked to the very beginnings of the university, founded by Fray Juan Ramos de Lora on November 1, 1790, under the name of San Buenaventura Seminary of Merida of the Knights (Chalbaud, 1954).

The Faculty of Medicine has remained open since 1928, fighting against adverse factors and free enemies that besiege it at every moment. The first doctor graduated in the Faculty of Medicine was the Bachiller Hemeterio Fornéz, a native of the town of Ejido. For the celebration of the centenary of the University, medical graduates did not reach 40 doctors and still functioned as a medical school (Chalbaud, 1954).

Currently, the Faculty of Medicine has three schools: Medicine, Nursing and Nutrition and Dietetics, but also has geographical extensions in different states of the country: Tachira, Trujillo, Barinas and Portuguesa. It also has three Research Centers: Cardiovascular Research Center; Center of Physiology of the Heights; and Center of Psychological Investigations, which are of recognized national and international prestige. It also has two Laboratories and two Research Institutes: Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Laboratory with Epidemiological Base; Laboratory of Behavioral Physiology; and the Institute of Clinical Immunology.

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