Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda Área de Ciencias de la Salud ,Venezuela

The Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda or UNEFM is a Venezuelan public institution of higher education based in the state of Falcón , founded in July 1977. Today it is one of the most recognized universities in the country. It has a newspaper, a radio station (Unefm 104.1 FM) and an open signal television channel (TV Unefm).

Of the classrooms of the UNEFM have graduated (until 2005) 7510 professionals. In addition, the UNEFM has an agreement with the state-owned company PDVSA through which it offers its graduates the opportunity to start their work experience at the facilities of the  Amuay  and Cardón refineries .

Located in the city of Coro , Miranda Municipality , Rómulo Gallegos Avenue, it is the main headquarters of the biomedical engineering program, the only undergraduate program in the entire national territory of this nature. In this the career corresponding to the area of ​​health sciences is developed. This complex is in the construction stage to develop library spaces, reading room, laboratories, auditorium, cafetin and dining room.

Located on Falcón Street,  right in the center of the city of Coro. It consists of an old part, which is currently in ruins and in the process of being remodeled, and which, in the middle of the last century, functioned as an Antituberculosis Hospital where the Antonio Smith Auditorium was located, and a more recent building 30 years), there are the addresses of the Biomedical Engineering Programs, classrooms for the program, the pharmacology and microbiology laboratory (medical program), electrical circuits laboratory, electronic laboratory, computer lab and unit of human anatomy (medical program). In addition there are cubicles of professors of the Morphophysiology Dept., Dept. of Electrical Circuits, Dept. of Maintenance Techniques as well as the university dining room of the area.

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