University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila Faculty of Medicine, Romania

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy also known as Carol Davila University or Medical university of Bucharest is one of the best universities of medicine in Romania where medical students can study medicine in English or Romanian in Romania. The quality of education, the modern didactic equipments, reasonable tuition fees and living costs, attract hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate international medical students every year.

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy is the oldest university of medicine in Romania. Established in 1857 under the name National School of Medicine and Pharmacy by the French expatriate physician, Carol Davila, since December 1989 the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila has become a state university with academic and financial autonomy.

University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila receives medical students from all over the world since years. Some medical students prefer to first follow one year preparatory course of Romanian language in order to study in Romanian language. English speaking students can study medicine at Carol Davila University of medicine and pharmacy in English.

Carol Davila University of Medicine: the medical program at Medical university of Bucharest is 6 years long. The first 3 years are mainly theoretical (preclinical) and the last three years are mainly practical (clinically). The faculty of Medicine in Carlo Davila University of Bucharest is the largest medical faculty in Bucharest. It has English and Romanian programs and attracts hundreds of international students and medical residents and Doctorate students.

The building of the Faculty of Medicine was fully completed and inaugurated on 12 October 1903. The initiative to erect a monument to Carol Davila on the same day, was taken at the first national medical conference, which was held in Bucharest in October 1884. The statue, valued work of Carol Storck, was cast in bronze in the School of arts and crafts workshops in Bucharest.

The University is offering quality education at affordable tuition fees and living expenses. It is also providing students with option to choose their medium of study as Romanian or English. These facilities are attracting many national and international students for graduate and post graduate studies at Carol Davila University. It has 2, 865 staff, 1, 654 faculty and 4, 800 students and is the largest University in Romania. Carol Davila University has three faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Dentistry.

The University offer Medical program in English and in Romanian, Dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy and Nursing programs in Romanian.The University of Medicine attracts medical international students from all over the word (USA, UK, Scandinavian, Africa, Asian etc.). It is a state medical University located in the capital of Romania.

The Carole Davila medical program duration of study is 6 years (360 ECTS credits), after which the graduate receives an internationally accredited diploma and a license to practice medicine in all EEA country and beyond. After graduating from Carol Davila University, graduates students  continued with their medical residency in Romania or other countries such as UK, USA, Germany , Scandinavian etc.

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