Washington University of Barbados School of Medicine, Barbados

Washington University of Barbados is aspiring to be one among the top Medical Universities in the Caribbean. WUB is situated in the beautiful sovereign island of Barbados and can be soon compared to the most reputed groups of Elite Medical Schools in the Caribbean, serving students worldwide in the field of Medicine and Clinical Research. This Medical School in Barbados offers the best quality education in the Caribbean without MCAT.

The Washington University Of Barbados (WUB), established in 2016, is an international medical school with its main campus in Barbados, Caribbean Islands. Washington University of Barbados offers a degree of Doctor of Medicine with a duration of 5.5 years for students having completed.

The university is solely dedicated to preparing students for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) and to make students the best in the field of Medicine. It is also one of those medical schools where students would find the professors with a vast amount of experience not only in education but also in the field of professional medical practice.

The University has an in-house campus where the students and the faculty stays together under a single roof. WUB enhances the safety and security for the students through the security personnel serving 24/7. Barbados has low crime rate compared to other parts of the world.

WUB provides the students the best food of their choice. The library at WUB is a treasure house of knowledge with hundreds of volumes of the most reputed medical books and journals. It also has access for online journals and multimedia sources so as to make a student to grow overall to his full potential.

WUB provides a cafeteria to serve the students and faculty. In this cafeteria, meal is served three times daily (times). In the event of any sickness, kindly alert the Administration Department, within 24 hours.

The in-house Library is a treasure house of knowledge with its hundred volumes of worthy, reputed books and journals. The university has access to online journals and multimedia sources to develop each and every aspirant to their full potential.

The medical school library provides access to network resources such as walk-up computers, printers, software and internet for academic purposes related to the study and practice of medicine.

The world of health care is a complex and ever-changing environment. To ensure that high quality care is provided to consumers, and to effectively lead organizations to be successful in the coming years, a knowledgeable and loyal governing board is an absolute requirement. This body is designed to educate trustees on their basic roles and responsibilities as board members of health care organizations.

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