West Virginia University School of Medicine, USA

The West Virginia University School of Medicine is the professional school for the study of medicine at West Virginia University inMorgantown, West Virginia. The medical school was established in 1902 as the first such institution in the state of West Virginia. It remains one of only three medical schools in the state.

The school is organized into three campuses, formally called “Divisions”. The main Morgantown Division hosts both academic and clinical campuses; all M.D. students spend their first two years there. M.D. students can also spend their final two years of clinical work at the Charleston Division in the state capital of Charleston or the Eastern Division in Martinsburg.

The West Virginia University School of Medicine is a connected community of students, teachers, staff, practitioners and researchers who value health and wellness. We support a culture of purpose, accountability, honesty and gratitude that prepares our learners to be resilient and confident as they care for people, conduct research and transform lives.

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