American International School of Medicine, Guyana

AISM was established in 1999 by International Medical Educators Associates, Inc. (IMEA) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, headed by Dr. Colin A. Wilkinson. The establishment of AISM in Guyana was approved by the Cabinet of the Government of Guyana on October 19, 1999.The first batch of students was admitted in January 2000. Since then, AISM has graduated over 350 physicians who are working in Guyana, U.K., USA, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Trinidad, Pakistan, Tanzania and other countries.

The American International School of Medicine has its main campus in Georgetown, Guyana, South America: and clinical training sites in Guyana, Canada, United States, and England.  AISM sets and maintains the highest standards that are comparable to those of major accredited institutions in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The curriculum is augmented to meer regional needs by the introduction of lecture programs in nutrition, epidemiology and preventive medicine, as well as tropical medicine.

AISM is listed with the W.H.O. (World Health Organization), hence, AISM  graduates are eligible for certification in Guyana, Canada, UK, and United States of America. AISM is registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana. AISM students are eligible for ECFMG certification (after achieving passing scores on the USMLE STEP I/ STEP II, Clinical Sills and Clinical Knowledge) in United States. The Government of Guyana recognizes the Medical Degree and graduates who pass the USMLE STEPS 1 & 2 are eligible for internship and certification by the General Medical Council. Students are also eligible to apply to the General Medical Council in the UK for GMC registration and license to practice after completion of the PLAB examination.

AISM has a four year Medical Doctorate (MD) Program. It consists of 5 semesters of basic sciences and 6 semesters of clinical sciences. The basic sciences program is taught at the Georgetown, Guyana campus and the clinical sciences program is completed in Guyana, the USA, or the UK.After completing the basic sciences program, students take the USMLE Step 1 examination. Upon completion of the program, students take the USMLE step 2 examination and/or the PLAB.

AIMU class rooms are well equipped with Projectors, Laptops & PA systems available in all the classrooms,Projection capabilities from faculty laptop viewable by all students,White board viewable by all students,Seating and tables to accommodate more students and faculty,Students with laptop computer or classroom laptop computers that are internet capable,Wi-Fi Internet connectivity for both students & faculties.

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