Andizhan State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan

Andijan State Medical Institute (ASMI) is a medical college in Andijan, Uzbekistan. The Institute is regarded as one of the premier institutes of higher education in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Demands for medical specialists have always been high, and Andijan State Medical Institute plays a prominent role in meeting these needs in Uzbekistan. Andijan State Medical Institute trains professionals who contribute their knowledge for the development of medical sciences in Uzbekistan and in Central Asia.

Andijan State Medical Institute’s history goes back to the Soviet era. It was established on 2 August 1995, by edict number 241 of the Uzbek government. Presently, there are more than 2,300 students enrolled at the Institute, from all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and from parts of Central Asia. The educational process at the Institute is held by 55 departments focusing on theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition, the Institute has a scientific-research laboratory. Lectures are given by about 505 faculties, 49 of whom are doctors of medical sciences and professors, 177 are candidates of medical sciences and docents. Lessons at the Institute are held in two languages: Uzbek and Russian. There are three faculties.

Study period at the Institute is set to be 7 years. The first academic year is the foundation year. From the third year, students are taught more specific subjects on their related professions. The seventh year is a practical year, when students spend their time enlarging their theoretical knowledge of the practice  All students are granted stipends each month due to their academic performance.

All national universities of Uzbekistan award their students with monthly stipends, by the edict made in Uzbekistan. Some of the talented students are granted scholarship under the names of President Islam Karimov and Abu-ali Ibn Sina. The ASMI campus contains classrooms, lecture halls, computer classes, laboratories and a library. It also owns a nearby clinic for the students to practice.

There are three faculties at the Andijan State Medical Institute: the Curative Works Faculty, the Pediatric Faculty, and the Raising Qualifications of Physicians Faculty. All are related to the medical sciences and have their own departments.

The Curative Works Faculty is the oldest operating faculty at the Institute. It was opened in October 1955, the year of ASMI’s founding. During its first years of action, there were 10 departments and about 120 students at the faculty. In 1957, interest in the faculty grew rapidly among applicants. Under docent M.G Mirzakarim (dean from 1957 to 1970), the faculty reached its prominence, and it had one of the biggest base of textbooks in Uzbekistan.

From 2013, the dean of the Curative Works Faculty has been Adham Anvarovich Gofurov, a docent and doctor of medical sciences. Students study in the branches: curative works, medical pedagogics and higher education nursing. Enrollment is approximately 1740 students. There are 14 departments at the Curative Works Faculty, which are mainly located inside the ASMI campus and clinic.

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