Faculty of Medicine ‘Carl Gustav Carus’, Dresden University of Technology, Germany

The University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden offers medical care at the highest level of care. As a maximum care hospital, it covers the entire spectrum of modern medicine. The University Hospital unites 20 clinics and polyclinics , four institutes and 10 interdisciplinary centers who work closely with the clinical and theoretical institutes of the Faculty of Medicine. The spatial and technical equipment of the University Hospital is constantly updated. Most recently, the Diagnostic-Internist-Neurological Center (DINZ) was opened in 2012, in which the departments of internal medicine, urology and neurology as well as areas of radiology work together under one roof. The portal building of the University Cancer Center will be opened in spring 2016 and a new four-storey building will be built in the vicinity of the Surgical Center by 2018. In addition to the Surgical Emergency Department, it will house 17 state-of-the-art operating theaters, an intensive care unit, interdisciplinary outpatient clinics and a nursing home. Around 860 doctors at the Dresden University Hospital cover the entire spectrum of modern medicine. 1,860 sisters and carers care for the well-being of the patients.

With 1,295 beds and 160 places for the day-clinic treatment of patients, it is the largest hospital in the city and at the same time the only hospital of maximum care in East Saxony. On October 25, 1993, the foundation ceremony for the Medical Faculty of the Technical University of Dresden took place.

The University Hospital Dresden and the Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus form a joint institution. They are committed to excellence in high-performance medicine, medical research and teaching as well as in healthcare services for patients of the whole region.

As a hospital of supra-maximum medical care, the Dresden University Hospital is open to the people of the region, but also beyond, in all areas of inpatient as well as outpatient medical care. The Dresden University Medicine is a leader in the treatment of complex, very serious or rare diseases.

With the courses of study Medical Care, Dental Care, Public Health and Medical Radiation Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus offers a breadth of subjects and disciplines and academic diversity. More than 2,500 students are enroled in these subjects in Dresden.

Research has specialised in the fields of oncology, metabolic, neurological and psychiatric diseases. Particular interests within these focal points are comprehensively degeneration and regeneration, imaging and technology development, immunology and inflammation as well as prevention and healthcare research.

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