International American University College of Medicine, St.Lucia

International American University was founded in October 2003 in Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia by an act of the Parliament of the Government of Saint Lucia. On February 1, 2004, with only nine students and five departments, classes began. IAU Students come from all across the United States and around the globe, including Canada, India, Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, West Indies, and Zambia, to experience a truly personalized medical education.

At the invitation of the Government of Saint Lucia, the founding members of IAU established the College as a direct response to the needs and aspirations of American pre-medical students wanting to serve the U.S. Health Care system.

The founding dean of the University, Paul Cherian, MD, developed an innovative curriculum, aimed at developing students’ knowledge of the basic sciences as well as enhancing their problem solving skills through a problem based learning curriculum. He led the founding faculty in delivering a student centered curriculum which continues to be the cornerstone of the University’s success. John Minarcik, MD, was one of the initial faculty members recruited to teach at IAU, and continues to serve on the faculty to this day. Also, Olusina Adesanya, MD, the founding faculty member in Clinical Medicine also continues to serve on the faculty of IAU to this day. All of the founding faculty members had been educated either in the United States, Canada, Europe, and commonwealth countries and their broad range of experience led to the delivery of a student centered pedagogy aimed at graduating humble and skillful physicians. Over the years, faculty from the Philippines, Canada, Nigeria, and the United States, have joined the growing IAU community.

The people of Saint Lucia are friendly, welcoming, and always willing to help. Saint Lucia has one of the lowest crime rates in all of the Caribbean and Vieux Fort is a quiet, small town where there are rarely any problems with crime. The University is located three buildings from the police station in case of any emergencies. There is also security on campus during hours of operation. Students who exercise caution and common sense should not have any problems with crime in Saint Lucia.

Students have several options for communicating both locally and internationally. Since internet access is widely available, most students use some type of internet-based phone for international calls such as Skype, Magic Jack, or Vonage. It is recommended that all students have a local cell phone while living in St. Lucia. Digicel and Lime are the two major cell phone providers in Saint Lucia. IAU Students are provided with a pre-paid Digicel SIM card upon arrival in Saint Lucia for a minimal cost. Any “unlocked” cell phone from the US or Canada which holds a SIM card can be used in Saint Lucia. Students wishing to use an “unlocked” cell phone should contact their cell phone provider to get details on how to unlock their phone before arrival in Saint Lucia. Local cell phones are also available for purchase on the island for $40 and up.

There are several bank branches near the campus. The closest bank is Scotiabank which is located directly across the street. Bank of America or Scotiabank customers can use their ATM cards at Scotiabank ATMs with no service charges.  This is the best option for banking in Saint Lucia and will reduce the amount of cash you need to bring with you.  If you do not have a Bank of America or Scotiabank account you can open an account before leaving for the island.

Super J’s is the major grocery store in Saint Lucia. There are two large grocery stores in Vieux Fort, one is located adjacent to the campus and the other is near student housing. Grocery stores carry local as well as US brands of most items and prices are generally comparable to US prices. Some specialty items may have slightly higher prices. All grocery stores have fresh meat, produce, bread, and dairy products as well as all other main essentials including toiletries and cleaning supplies. The University is located adjacent to a local mall with a variety of goods including clothing, shoes, books, pharmaceuticals, electronics, housewares, and appliances. There are also several other shopping areas and malls around the island.

International American University is dedicated to becoming a global hub of learning through its innovative and distinct approach in providing quality medical education. IAU capitalizes on its faculty’s combined knowledge, wealth of experience and it’s state-of-the-art training facilities to create a framework of knowledge, unique to the University, setting the trend for the region.

As an IAU student, we guarantee the satisfaction of each of the various “levels” of credentials necessary for U.S., Canadian & International Licensure.

IAU is chartered and accredited by the Government of Saint Lucia as a comprehensive university with the authority to confer the Doctor of Medicine degree. The Departments of Education and Health of St. Lucia approved the eligibility of IAU College of Medicine graduates to practice medicine in St. Lucia.

Having many student organizations, IAU provides a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved. Student organizations have a significant impact in providing effective learning environments for students, preparing them to live in a multicultural society and work in a global community.

In addition to building lasting friendships, student organizations provide many benefits including serving as a medium for academic discourse, personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding, and community service. Moreover, research suggests that involved students tend to perform better academically and are more likely to graduate when compared with their non-involved peers.

The Student Government Association is responsible for many of the events and activities that are planned for the student body. SGA officers work closely with the Dean of Student Affairs to help coordinate and plan events throughout the semester. These events include: Hoop it Up Basketball Tournament and Health Screening, IAU Blood Drive, Multicultural Dinner, Fashion Show, Welcome Dinner for new students, and various trips around Saint Lucia.

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