University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine, Italy

The Sapienza University of Rome also called simply Sapienza or the University of Rome, is a collegiate research university located in Rome, Italy. Formally known as Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, it is the largest European university by enrollments and one of the oldest in history, founded in 1303. Most of the Italian ruling class studied at Sapienza, because it was the only state university in Rome until 1982.Sapienza educated numerous notable alumni, including many Nobel laureates, Presidents of the European Parliament and European Commissioners, heads of several nations, notable religious figures, scientists and astronauts.

Sapienza University has many campuses in Rome but its main campus is the Città Universitaria (University city), which covers 44 ha (110 acres) near the Roma Tiburtina Station. The university has satellite campuses outside Rome, the main of which is in Latina.

In 2011 a project was launched to build a campus with residence halls near Pietralata station, in collaboration with the Lazio region.In order to cope with the ever-increasing number of applicants, the Rector also approved a new plan to expand the Città Universitaria, reallocate offices and enlarge faculties, as well as create new campuses for hosting local and foreign students.

The Alessandrina University Library (Biblioteca Universitaria Alessandrina), built in 1667 by Pope Alexander VII, is the main library housing 1.5 million volumes; it has some important collections including collezione ciceroniana and Fondo Festa.

Since the 2011 reform, Sapienza University of Rome has eleven faculties and 65 departments. Today Sapienza, with 140,000 students and 8,000 among academic and technical and administrative staff, is the largest university in Italy. The university has significant research programmes in the fields of engineering, natural sciences, biomedical sciences and humanities. It offers 10 Masters Programmes taught entirely in English.

The School of Pharmacy and Medicine trains:

  • Physicians and Surgeons, equipped with the scientific, theoretical and everyday skills necessary to practice medicine and face complex problems of modern healthcare. Students are educated using a holistic approach and trained to perform different functions within clinical, health and research environments.
  • Biotechnologists, who innovate and use medical, pharmaceutical, molecular and cellular biotechnology for diagnosis and therapy as well as scientific and industrial research.
  • Healthcare Professionals, who autonomously conduct activities aimed at individual and collective care in nursing, rehabilitation, technical health and prevention.
  • Pharmacists, with the understanding to work in the healthcare field as fundamental links between patients, doctors and the public healthcare system.
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technicians, who possess the theoretical and practical abilities to conduct research, development, production and pharmaceutical screening

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine is made up of  9 Departments and organizes many different courses.

The Departments are (the website is on a new page):

  • Cellular Biotechnology and Hematology – DBCE
  • Chemistry and Technology of Drug
  • “Paride Stefanini” General and Specialist Surgery
  • “Vittorio Erspamer” Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Public Health and Infectious Diseases
  • Anatomical, Histological, Forensic and Locomotor System Sciences
  • “Alessandro Rossi Fanelli” Biochemical Sciences
  • Medical-surgical Biotechnological Sciences


The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry carries on a long tradition as Sapienza’s first Faculty of Medicine. It is located inside Policlinico Umberto I, Italy’s largest hospital and a centre for research, teaching and treatment. This is where the country’s first organ transplant was successfully performed.Students have the possibility to study all branches of medicine and dentistry. Over the past two centuries, the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has set itself apart from the rest and consolidated its tradition of scientific excellence.The Faculty is where Bignami, Celli and Grassi carried out their research on Malaria, Cerletti conducted his studies on Neurophysiology, Erspamer studied Neuropharmacology and Antonini researched protein molecular structure. Their contribution to scientific understanding of medical knowledge and clinical excellence is recognized around the world. Recently the Faculty has undergone substantial restructuring, phasing out obsolete courses and introducing new degree programmes for students.

On November 1st, 2010 the First and the Second Faculty of Psychology together with the Second Faculty of Medicine gave birth to the new Faculty of Medicine and Psychology. While respecting the identity and autonomy of the two cultures, the common goal shared by both is a complete personal fulfillment in all physical, mental and social aspects. First level degree programmes provide students with the basics in different subjects that, when appropriate, include teaching the operational and professional skills necessary to begin exercising a profession. Second level degree programmes provide students with advanced training for the highest levels and qualifications. Subject areas include: clinical and health psychology; communication and marketing psychology; developmental psychology; diagnosis and rehabilitation of cognitive disorders; dynamic and clinical psychology for childhood, adolescence and family; health and community psychology; work and organisational psychology.

Sapienza meets the needs of its students, academics and the community at large with a wide range of services provided by 59 libraries, making it the largest university library system in Italy.Its vast historical collection has more than 3,700,000 volumes, including 35,700 periodicals, over 25,000 antique and rare books and numerous historical archives.Sapienza currently subscribes to over 10,000 online journals, hundreds of databases and a growing collection of e-books, available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world via BIXY, our off campus access sign-in.

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