Ivanovo State Medical Academy, Russia

Ivanovo State Medical Academy was established in 1930. The Academy is situated in the central part of Russia, not far from Moscow – the capital of the Russian Federation. It takes about 5/6 hours from Moscow by bus.

From that time to nowadays the Academy trained more than 25000 doctors. Now almost 3000 students are trained at the Academy. The teaching staff of the Academy includes more than 400 instructors, among them 70 Doctors of Science and more than 270 Candidates of Science.

There are three libraries, three student’s hostels, sports center in the Academy.

Ivanovo State Medical Academy has been training international students since 1991.

During this period of time almost 200 foreign citizens completed the full course of studies at the faculty for preliminary training, more than 80 foreign citizens were awarded a degree of Doctor of Medicine, M.D., almost 10 foreign citizens defended dissertations /Ph.D./. Now foreign students from 23 countries – Cameroon, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Nigeria, Kenya, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, Bolivia, Mongolia, France and some countries of the CIS are trained at the Academy.

A specialized computer classroom is available at the Department of Russian language in order to make educational and instructional process more productive.

Regularly international students’ communities hold their festivals “The Days of National Culture”. The 1st Congress of Cameroon Students trained in the countries of the Community of Independent States was held at the Academy in July, 1999.

he rapid rise of industry in the region became the main stimulus and source of the flourishing of science, culture and art. For example, in terms of the number of higher educational institutions, Ivanovo-Voznesensk at that time was approaching the capital cities.

Against the background of growth in industry and culture, the health of our region lagged behind. There were not enough medical institutions, hospital beds, medicines and, most importantly, medical personnel (doctors’ deficit exceeded 1500 people, in addition, more than 3000 middle and junior medical workers were missing in medical institutions). It was urgent to solve the urgent task of the day – radically improve the health service. The creation in Ivanovo of a state institution primarily removed from the agenda the issue of staffing medical institutions with medical personnel, and there was also the possibility of educating highly qualified specialists in clinical and theoretical departments. The development of the problems of the regional pathology also needed a scientific basis.

Thus, the foundation of the institute was dictated by the acute need for medical personnel, the desire to improve the quality of medical care, and concern about the rise of public health in the country.

In 2006, the staff of the Academy was thanked by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for his labor achievements in the field of public health, and for many years of fruitful scientific, pedagogical and medical activities. The International Foundation “Health Assembly” in 2005 called our academy the best medical university of the year and presented the international award “Profession-Life”. The Academy was awarded the  international award  “Ertemeyker” in the nomination “For the preservation and development of the intellectual and human resources of the enterprise in the period of the transition economy”.

In 2007, the Academy opened another faculty – the dental department  .

Observing the years of the establishment of the university, you involuntarily come to the conclusion that the Ivanovo State Medical Academy has grown on a solid scientific foundation. It was fostered by scientists who possessed enormous energy, diligence and enviable talent. They unshakably believed in the creative power of the collective of their own offspring and bequeathed to their descendants to further multiply what they had done.

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