Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia of Thomas Jefferson University, USA

Thomas Jefferson University was founded in 1824 as Jefferson Medical College, and Philadelphia University was founded in 1884 as the Philadelphia Textile School. Both were ahead of their time and focused on the importance of experiential learning. The new Jefferson was established on July 1, 2017 as a result of the merger of these two renowned universities.

Today, we are a professional university that defies convention and dedicates itself to collaborative, transdisciplinary and interprofessional approaches to learning that offer a vibrant and expandable platform for education. Through this unique model, we are preparing our students for current and yet-to-be-imagined careers – setting tomorrow’s standards by breaking today’s

We are a comprehensive university with preeminence in transdisciplinary, experiential professional education, research and discovery, delivering exceptional value for the 21st century students with excellence in architecture, business, design, fashion, engineering, health, medicine, science and textiles – infused with the liberal arts.

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