Khakassia State University named after N.F. Katanov, Russia

The Khakass State University appeared in1994. However, this institution is not considered young. It adopted the traditions and experience of training qualified personnel from the Abakan Pedagogical University, which was opened in 1939 as a teacher’s institute.

Today, KSU is an educational institution thatThe status of a classical university could achieve a lot in a short period of time. It trains both Russian and foreign students. Periodically, the university conducts intra-university, regional, all-Russian and even international conferences. All this serves as a confirmation of high-quality education, high level and authority of scientific teams.The modern university is located in Abakan.

In the Khakass State UniversityApplicants applying after graduation are offered a bachelor’s degree. This is the first step in the system of two-level education. Among all specialties one can distinguish pedagogical ones. The future teachers of primary classes, teachers of kindergartens, subject teachers are trained for them.

Also worth noting that there are in-demandspecialties. These include: “Economics”, “Management”, “Jurisprudence”, “Journalism”. Boys who do not like the directions listed above can choose for themselves more interesting and suitable (for example, “Construction”, “Informatics and computer technology”).

Khakass State University, in addition toBachelor’s program, offers a traditional training system. It is called a specialty. In connection with the transition to a two-tier education system, there are few specialties left in the university. These are only medical.

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