Kuban State Medical University, Russia

Kuban State Medical University is one of the oldest medical schools in Russia. It is located in Krasnodar, the capital of Krasnodar Krai in South Russia.

On 4 July 1920 the Kuban-Black Sea Revolutionary Committee issued a decree opening in Kuban a state university with three faculties: Medical, Natural Science and Socio-historic.

On 5 September 1920 the official opening ceremony of Kuban State University took place in the presence of the Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee, Y. Poluyan. It was opened in place of the prior Diecesan Women’s School of Yekaterinodar (currently Krasnodar).

In 1921 Kuban State University was reformed. The Medical Faculty became Kuban Medical Institute and the other two faculties were adnexed to the Institute of People’s Education, Polytechnic Institute and Pedagogic Institute. Kuban State University was reopened later in 1970 without the medical faculty.

In 1921 “Kubanski nauchni meditsinski vestnik” a regular press scientific organ of South Russia was created by the first rector of Kuban Medical Institute N.F. Melnikov-Razvedenkov. In 1930 the publication of the Journal was interrupted. Under the initiative of V.M. Pokrovski, head of Normal Physiology Department, the publication of the Journal was renewed from 1993.

In 1963 the Stomatological Faculty was opened at Kuban Medical Institute.

Since 1966 Kuban State Institute issues its newspaper “Medik Kubani.”

In 1969 the Pediatric Faculty was opened at Kuban Medical Institute.

In 1982 the Faculty of Physician Refinement was opened at Kuban Medical Institute.

In 1992 The Faculty of Higher Nurses Education was opened at Kuban Medical Institute which became later in 1997 the Municipal Medical Institute of Higher Nurses Education and went out of the structure of kuban Medical University.

In 1993 a branch of Medical Faculty of Kuban Medical University was opened in Maikop, Capital of the Republic of Adigea in south Russia.

In 1998 Two more faculties were opened at Kuban Medical University: Medico-prophylactic and Pharmacy.

In 2005 Kuban State Medical Academy was accredited the “university” status.

Kuban State University is one of the largest scientific and educational centers in the South of Russia. Founded in September 1920, it has a 95-year history based on the best traditions of classical education and recognized achievements.

In 2015, the University consists of 17 faculties, the Institute of Primary and Secondary Vocational Education, postgraduate training programs (60 specialities) and a higher doctorate (19 specialities), 10 research institutes, the Institute of Testing Technology and General Further Education, the Professional Retraining and Advanced Training Institute.

Kuban State University, among 55 other leading universities of Russia, won the competition of strategic development programs and has been implementing the program for three years already. KubSU’s victory in the competition of student associations’ activity programs has allowed the University to rise to the new level of development of the student government and educational work with students.

KubSU pays special attention to improvement of the education quality. Students and graduates of the University have won many international, national and regional contests and competitions. Quality training of graduates is ensured by means of implementation of the “double diploma” project: students of the Faculty of Economics are able to obtain certificates of education equally recognized in Russia, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Effective integration of scientific and educational processes is characteristic of KubSU. The research carried out by KubSU scientists is of great interest both in our country and abroad, as evidenced by agreements on cooperation in the scientific field with international organizations and institutions and numerous awards given to KubSU for scientific developments by authoritative expert commissions of international and national exhibitions and competitions.

International cooperation of KubSU in the field of education is constantly expanding. Students, professors and staff actively participate in the programs of academic mobility – they go to different foreign educational and scientific institutions for training, retraining and getting practical experience.

The University is developing as a community-oriented organization, creating all necessary conditions for a person’s self-realization in all spheres of activity – science, education, arts, sports, etc.

Modern scientific and educational environment, that ensures training of competitive experts demanded in the society, has been formed and is being consistently optimized in KubSU.

The following figures reflect the research and educational potential of Kuban State University:

  • more than 27 000 students enrolled in 31 out of 55 aggregated groups of specialists programs;
  • about 6,000 graduates each year;
  • annual revenue – more than 2.4 billion roubles;
  • revenues from research and innovation – more than 260 million roubles;
  • more than 340 students receiving scholarships (granted by the President, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Administration of Krasnodar Territory and by many charity funds and organizations);
  • more than 50 agreements on cooperation in the field of education, science and culture with scientific and educational organizations of 26 countries;
  • Kuban State University is the only university in Krasnodar Territory recognized as one of 40 best universities in Russia, according to the results of the National rankings, compiled by the Interfax international information group together with “Ekho Moskvy” (Russian radio station), which lists 208 institutions of higher education; according to the rating, KubSU has become the second (after the Southern Federal University) best university of the South of Russia;
  • Kuban State University is the only Kuban University that entered the top 50 best Russian universities in economic and administrative aspects, according to the rating compiled by “Expert RA” agency;
  • Kuban State University is listed among the top 50 best universities according to the ranking compiled by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation due to the results of the participation of graduate students and professors in educational programs of the Foundation.
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