Maikop State Technological University, Russia

Maykop state technological university was founded on the basis of three colleges on Dec 13, 1993 by initiative of its first rector A.K. Thakushinov, who was later elected and until now is the Head of the Republic of Adygeya.

In 1994 MSTU was licensed for 10 educational programs of higher education and 12 programs of secondary professional education and the same year first students were enrolled.

Since 2003 MSTU has been included in the official list of educational institutions of the Russian Federation, engaged in pre-University training of foreign citizens. In 2004 Medical Institute was founded within the university structure. For 10 years Maykop state technological university has passed a way from the Institute to the fast developing University.

Over the past years MSTU has turned into a major educational and research centre of Federal level, multi-level and diversified educational complex which firmly has taken its worthy place in the Russian educational space. Today it unites more than 11.5 thousand of students, postgraduates, doctoral students, professors and staff.Educational process is provided by highly qualified specialists, including 70 doctors of science and 360 candidates of Sciences. Over 150 educational programs of higher, secondary and primary professional, postgraduate and additional professional education are licensed in the MSTU today.The MSTU is the only institution in the Republic of Adygea who trains experts in the field of construction, geodesy and land management, vehicles, forest business and landscape architecture, agriculture, mining, technology of food products, nature arrangement and environment protection, health care.

As a modern university the MSTU is also a scientific center in which scientific researches are conducted by both teachers and students. Basic and applied scientific researches  are carried out within 12 branches of science, including technical science, biological, chemical, agricultural sciences, geoecology, forestry, sociological, philosophical, economic sciences and etc. Two university magazines – “New technologies” and “The Maikop state technological university Bulletin” were included in the Supreme Examination Board List. Annually different international and all-Russian scientific and practical conferences are  held at the university where about 53% of  full-time students take part and win.

MSTU has owned modern educational laboratories, allowing to provide educational process as well as scientific researches.  There are over 70 laboratories and computer classes today in the university, technology park, 4 scientific and educational centers, 7 research laboratories.

Since 2003 about 455 foreign students fulfilled pre-university training course and about 215 completed their education in MSTU of the following programs: “Finance”, “Public relations”, “Public and municipal administration”, “Industrial and civil engineering”, “Economy and management of the transport enterprise”, “General medicine”. In 2009 and 2011 two postgraduates from Libya and Afghanistan successfully defended their dissertations.

There are students from about 27 countries of Africa,  Middle East, Central Asia and the CIS studying at the university today. Most numerous are national groups from Chad, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia.

Much attention is paid to the development of student’s sports and healthy lifestyle. Students are engaged in sports sections of volleyball, football, track and field athletics, basketball, tennis, sports orienteering. There are 3 International, Sport-Masters, 19 Masters of Sport, 30 nominees etc., and even  world champions  in unarmed self-defense, judo, ushu, power lifting, as well as Highest League “Dynamo MGTU” basketball and volleyball teams and Southern Federal District champion – MSTU sports orienteering  team.

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