Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, Malaysia

Newcastle University UK, established an international branch campus, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) in Johor, Malaysia in 2011. The campus provides undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MB BS) and Biomedical Sciences (BSc), as well as opportunities for foundation and postgraduate study.

The programmes of study are identical to Newcastle’s UK-based provision, and lead to the award of the same degrees, conferred by Newcastle University, UK. By choosing to study at NUMed Malaysia, students will obtain a reputable UK qualification, from an internationally recognised university, at a cost significantly less than that of studying for the same degrees in the UK.

The NUMed branch campus is an integral component of Newcastle University, which is a founder member of the UK ‘Russell Group’. Newcastle is a long established world-class research intensive university, delivering teaching and research externally confirmed as of the highest international quality. Newcastle University is proud of its heritage; the parent campus in the North East of England was founded in 1871 but the University’s history goes back to 1834 when a School of Medicine and Surgery was established in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The undergraduate Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degrees were launched in 2009, the Biomedical Sciences BSc Honours was launched in 2013 and our Foundation Certificate in Biological and Biomedical Sciences was launched in 2016.

The MBBS programme is split into two phases: Phase I – extending over two academic years, emphasises the integrated nature of medical education. Phase II – provides clinical training in a range of primary, secondary and tertiary care settings.

The design of the Learning Resource Centre has been informed by a number of emerging, ground-breaking facilities at UK higher education institutions and recognises the social origins of learning and the need for interaction between learners on different levels and in different forms. It is also a self-regulating environment which places discussion on an equal footing with solitary learning – it is the policy of NUMed Malaysia to give students responsibility over their learning environment as well as over the way they learn.

Comprises a mix of open-plan and cellular work space for the resident and visiting academic faculty, and the managerial and administrative staff.These include two 200-seat presentation lecture theatres, one 100-seat ‘Harvard Style’ demonstration theatre, 20 classrooms / breakout rooms, and two 50-place ICT classrooms. The NUMed Malaysia campus incorporates the innovations in teaching and learning offered by modern information and communications technology (ICT). All learning spaces (e.g. lecture theatres, teaching rooms, laboratories, social learning spaces) have been developed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the use of advanced learning technologies. In addition to the normal networking and digital projection facilities, all teaching rooms are equipped with video capture systems. These systems will be used to capture key teaching episodes, allow students to watch other teaching and also to support assessment in the laboratory and clinical skills arena.

From 2012 NUMed Malaysia students will have access to the world-class physical recreation and sports facilities of EduCity. The sports complex will feature stadium, aquatic centre and indoor arena. The stadium in the RM95.32 million complex will have a seating capacity of 14,000, a soccer / rugby pitch and a 400-metre athletic track complying with the Association of Athletics Federation standards.

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