North-Eastern Federal University named after Maxim Kirovich Ammosov Institute of Medicine, Russia

North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K  Ammosov which was formerly known as Yakut State University is one of the nine federal universities of Russian Federation. North-Eastern Federal University is the largest university in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) which focus on solving geopolitical problems and large inter-regional investment projects. North-Eastern Federal University was established in 1956 as a Yakut state university. Yakut State University was named after M.K Ammosova who was a statesman and founder of Yakutia and Krygizstan statehood.

In 1956-1957 academic year Yakut state university enrolled of 1,200 students and employed 111 teachers, including 2 doctors and 34 candidates of sciences. In 1993 Yakut state university got the status of the Head of the institutions of Yakutsk region. In 1997 the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation established the scientific and technical program. Under this program, Yakut state university was allowed to conduct research on the development and introduction of new technologies in the diamond-processing industry. On April 26 2010 by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Yakut state university became North-Eastern Federal University. Currently  North-Eastern Federal University has 11 institutions, 8 faculties, 141 Departments, 3 branches, 9 academic units, including 7 research institutes and 890 teaching staff including doctors, professors and assistant professors. Since 1956 about 16000 students has been trained in North-Eastern Federal University. Today North-Eastern Federal University has a well-developed infrastructure of scientific and educational complex which are equipped with modern equipment for the development of basic and applied research. North-Eastern Federal University has established a long and strong relationships with leading educational institutions in Canada, USA, France, Norway, China.

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