Medical University of Plovdiv Faculty of Medicine, Bulgaria

The Medical University of Plovdiv was established as a medical faculty of Plovdiv University in 1945. In 1950 the faculty became the independent Medical Academy – Plovdiv. It was renamed in 1972 to Higher Medical Institute – Plovdiv. The Faculty of Dental Medicine was established in 1974, while a Medical College was created in 1997 as a … Read more

Medical University of Sofia Faculty of Medicine, Bulgaria

The Medical University, Sofia  is a university in Sofia, Bulgaria which was founded in 1917.It is the oldest institution for higher medical education in Bulgaria.The first lecture at the MoF was held on April 10, 1918. the official opening is attended by the Minister of Education and members of the Supreme Medical Council.   The Medical University is one of … Read more

Medical University ‘Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov’ Varna Faculty of Medicine, Bulgaria

The Medical University of Varna (MU-Varna) is a Bulgarian state school for higher education dedicated to training specialists in the fields of medicine and healthcare who graduate with the educational and qualification degrees of Master, Bachelor and Professional Bachelor. The University has a legal entity status with the following scope of business activities: training of cadres and professional qualification; training of PhD students; postgraduate education for … Read more

Pleven Medical University, Bulgaria

Medical University – Pleven is one of the five medical Universities in Bulgaria. It was established in 1974, expanding the horizons, size and reputation of the City Hospital, founded in 1865. Today, combining traditions of the past with the possibilities of the present, it incorporates educational and therapeutic facilities, contemporary pre-clinical base, University Hospital with … Read more

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski Faculty of Medicine, Bulgaria

The University of Sofia (St. Kliment Ohridski) or simply Sofia University is the oldest higher education institution in Bulgaria, founded on 1 October, 1888. The edifice of the university was constructed between 1924 and 1934 with the financial support of the brothers Evlogi Georgiev and Hristo Georgiev, whose sculptures are now featured on its façade, and has an area of 18,624 m² and … Read more

Trakia University Faculty of Medicine, Bulgaria

Trakia University – Stara Zagora is an autonomous state institution. It was established in 1995 by Decree of the 37 th National Parliament. The following educational units are in the structure of the university: Faculty of Agriculture with training experimental base Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with clinics Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Education Faculty of … Read more

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