Tambov State University, Russia

Tambov State University was founded in 1843 as the Alexandrinsky Institution. In its history of more than 167 years of existence, many changes have been introduced and in 1994 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation it gained the status of Tambov State G.R. Derzhavin University.

The city of Tambov founded in 1636 is the centre of the Tambov area situated in the central part of Russia, close to Moscow, the capital city of Russia. This immediate proximity to Moscow contributes to the prompt political, economical and cultural development of Tambov. Following modern trends, the city of Tambov is rapidly developing: modern buildings are being constructed, malls, enterprises, sport and leisure centers are being opened.
Economical development in its turn contributes to a constant demographic upsurge: around half a million people live in this city.
University students make up more than 10% of the total of the city population. This fact illustrates the attractiveness of the city to young people who wish to get a high quality tertiary education in a modern, rapidly growing and a developing city.
The infrastructure of the city and universities allows the students to combine successfully their studies with leisure providing all facilities for sports and entertaining activities. Students’ festivals and contests are regularly held; the students have got access to museums, exhibitions, sport centers and a University television. The University has its own football, volleyball and basketball teams playing in different competitions at all levels. All these create a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable conditions for the University students.
Tambov State University is one of the best higher education establishments in Russia. It contributes remarkably to the country’s development and prepares qualified specialists in more than 100 specializations in the fields of medicine, economics, nanotechnologies, IT, industry, culture and arts. The University comprises of 15 academic departments: 3 Academies, 11 Institutions and 1 Faculty. Around 15000 students from different countries of the world are currently studying in the University. 90% of the University staff have got academic degrees and ranks.
Implementation of the Russian Federal Innovation educational program has resulted into the foundation of new innovative scientific centers, equipped with modern high-tech materials and equipment. This allows the students to carry out scientific and research activities. Professors and students take part in annual summer schools, exchange programs, traineeships, international congresses, seminars and conferences.
The Medical Faculty of the Tambov State University deserves particular attention. Learning is based on new educational technologies and the best achievements of the national and world medicine. Multimedia methods, thematic films, the latest demonstration equipment, posters, stands, unique natural anatomic training models and the latest materials are widely used during the learning process. Students are offered a chance to learn human anatomic peculiarities on cadaveric material.
Clinical bases for the practical training are situated in the clinics of the University and in the different clinics and hospitals of the city. The clinics are equipped by modern medical equipment and along with the departments have systems for computer control of the learning process. Samples exhibited in the Medical Institution of the Anatomic Museum allow the students to learn the peculiarities of a human body in detail. General Medicine is currently taught in Russian, English and French languages. From the 2nd year the students can watch and be present at operations conjointly with professors and the practicing surgeons.
Modern equipment of the classes and labs along with the high qualification of the professors guarantee the highest level of education and professionalism of the graduates. All these allow the listing of the Tambov State University among the best medical institutions of Russia.
Guided by the University professors, the students take part in scientific researches held by the Departments and in various Scientific and Research Centers of the University.

Upon successful completion of the University, the graduate gets a higher education degree of Russian national standard indicating Degree/qualification and speciality. The graduate upon request also gets an additional document “European Appendix”, which allows its holder to get its equivalence in any of 46 European and other countries signed up to the “Bologna Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education” and to further education or apply for a prestigious job in these countries.High standards of education, a wide range of specializations meeting the demands of today’s labor market, practical skills, implementation of modern technologies, employment of new equipment along with friendly atmosphere and comfortable conditions – these are the advantages of choosing Tambov State University for Your higher education.

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