The Chechen State University, Russia

Chechen State University is a university located in Grozny, Chechnya, Russia. The school is home to the North Caucasian Centre of Pedagogics. The university traces its roots back to 1938.

Chechen State University, formerly Grozney University, saw a surge of development between 1970 and 1980. Botanical gardens were built in the mountainous areas of the Chechen Republic. Technologies developed at the university were used in aviation design for Tupolev, and many of the university’s scientific discoveries were displayed at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition of the USSR and at international exhibitions. Regional scientific conferences were held on campus, including the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition.

Military activity in the Chechen Republic during the Second Chechen War interrupted the development of Grozny University and destroyed several buildings. The university began restoration soon after the end of military operations and classes resumed in April 2000. Classrooms, laboratories, reading rooms and the scientific library were repaired. A new sports centre was one of the last projects to be completed. Much of the work was carried out by students and employees.

Over 800 instructors currently work at the school’s campus. Chechen State University is a large scientific and educational centre for the Chechen Republic.

The most important mission of the University, at the present stage, consists in forming a model of a new type of university, which is the leader and methodical center for the development of the higher education system of the Chechen Republic, which prepares competitive specialists at the national and world level with fundamental higher education and develops scientific research and development, their results in the economy and society. To implement this mission, the University developed the Strategic Development Program for the period 2012-2021, the activities of which should ensure the formation of the University as a university that provides training for the innovative economy and social sphere of the region and the republic, including scientific, pedagogical, managerial and cultural elite of society, on the basis of the innovative nature of education, its integration with science, the high quality of educational services; to provide a significant contribution to the innovative economy and competitiveness of the republic and the region through increasing the effectiveness of fundamental and applied scientific research, the creation of high technology and innovative activities in the priority areas of development of the country and the republic.

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