Universidad de Oriente Escuela de Medicina, Nucleo de Bolivar, Venezuela

The Universidad de Oriente, Núcleo Bolívar (UDO Bolívar) is a Venezuelan public institution of higher education, which began its work on February 20 , 1960 by Resolution of the University Council, becoming since then the most important university reference in the south-east of the country.

This university core begins its academic activities on January 8, 1962 with the Schools of Medicine and the School of Geology and Mines. In August of 1968 the Ministry of Education approves the creation of the Basic Courses, and already for January of 1969, it begins to its academic and administrative activities.

In 1975, through Resolution 028-75, the University Council decreed the creation of the Experimental Unit of Puerto Ordaz , beginning its academic activities in 1976, under the supervision of the Academic Vice-Rector and later under the direction of the Deanery of the Bolivar Nucleus.

The Management of the Nucleus is made up of the Nucleus Council, of which the main academic-administrative authorities and the representatives of professors and students form part of the university co-government body. The greater competence and responsibility in the decisions, has the Nucleus Council whose President is the Dean.

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