University Abou Bekr Belkaid Tlemcen Faculty of Medicine, Algeria

The faculty has three Departments, Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy. It delivers graduation diplomas in these three Specialties.

It also provides post-graduate training in Medicine, Dental Medicine and in Pharmacy, in thirty specialties.

The establishment of the University Library dated 1975 with the establishment of the University center of Tlemcen.

In the early eighties a new center was built at Bel Horizon includes a library of nearly 200 seats After restructuring in 1984, the documentary of the university fund was distributed between INES and following the creationof University of Tlemcen in 1989, a chief curator was appointed as responsible to ensure coordination between eight (08) peripheral libraries It was only from 1996 that the University Library has seen the installation of Conservative specialist library which now manages the new structure and the technical coordination of faculty libraries hope for improvement lies in the new Central Library project reference distributed over 3 levels with a storage capacity of 525,000 books and Hospitality 1034 seats.

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