University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), referred to as “National University” (UCAS), is the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of a graduate education-based integration of science and education, unique colleges and universities. National University of the predecessor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Graduate School, established in 1978, is approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council approved the founder of the new China’s first graduate school, training the new China’s first doctor of science, the first doctor of engineering, the first Female doctor, the first double degree doctor. Approved by the Ministry of Education, State University from 2014 to recruit undergraduates formed a cover undergraduate, master, doctor three stages of a complete higher education system.

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National Science and Technology to implement the “science and education integration,” the school policy, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences affiliated scientific research institutions in the management system, teaching staff, training system, scientific research and other aspects of a high degree of integration. Based on the high level of scientific research and high-level talent resources of the institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Department of Science and Technology has formed a “university” consisting of four schools in Beijing, five educational bases in Beijing and 114 research institutes distributed throughout the country. There are 28 colleges such as the School of Mathematical Sciences, and the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Psychology. As of the end of 2016, National University of undergraduate students in 1058; 45,400 graduate students, including doctoral students accounted for 51%; 1321 foreign students studying abroad, from 89 countries, including foreign doctoral students 873, the number of doctoral students ranked first in the country one.

State University has a strong contingent of teachers. As of the end of 2016, the school has 442 full-time teachers, post teachers 2599, postgraduate guidance teachers 11721, of which 283 academicians, doctoral tutor 6432.

State University has a first-class scientific research and practice environment. Distributed in the training of the three national laboratories, 77 national key laboratories, 189 Chinese Academy of Sciences key laboratories, 30 national engineering research center (laboratory), and many national cutting-edge research projects for students to provide A huge platform for scientific research and practice.

Based on the broad scientific and technological cooperation platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Science and Technology Institute has established close ties and cooperative relations with the German Max Planck Society, the National Research Center of the French Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Sciences and more than 60 world famous universities. University jointly created the “Chinese Academy of Sciences.”

Campus Address: 19, Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China

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