University of Tribhuvan, Nepal

Tribhuvan University (TU), which was established in 1959, is the first national institution of higher education in Nepal. The Central Administrative Office and the  Central  Campus of the university are located on the north eastern facade of Kirtipur, an ancient and small town located five kilometers away from Kathmandu city centre. There are 39 central  departments and 4 research centres in TU, and out of them 31 departments and 3 research centres are located at Kirtipur. The university at Kirtipur is spread over an area of 154.77 hectares (3042-5-2 ropanis).

After the second democratic movement of 2006, the Prime Minister of Nepal is the ceremonial chief, the Chancellor of the University, whereas

the Minister of Education is the Pro-Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor is the Chief Executive of the university. He is assisted by the Rector in academic programmes and the Registrar in financial management and general administration.

Tribhuvan University is a non-profit making autonomous institution funded by the Government of Nepal. On January 8, 2013, the government of Nepal has principally agreed to declare Tribhuvan University as the Central University. There are 4 councils constituted as major decision- making bodies of the university.

There are 5 technical institutes and 4 general faculties. TU offers profi   certifi     level courses only in nursing. It has a wide range of course offerings in Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. TU offers M. Phil. and Ph.D. degree in different disciplines both at the Technical Institutes and Faculty.

TU conducted its programmes only through its constituent campuses prior to 1980. As the number of the students willing to acquire higher education was increasing day by day, it was not possible for the university to  accommodate  all  the  students in the constituent  campuses.  This  situation  led to the establishment of colleges in the private sector. From 1979 –80, TU started providing affiliation to private colleges to conduct various programmes at different levels. One thousand eighty  four  (1084)  private  colleges  spread  all over the country have so far received affiliations from TU.

TU has 7966 teaching faculty and 7230 non- teaching  staff  including   the   support   staff   in its constituent campuses. The total number of employees is 15196 including 124 new posts of the Manmohan Cardiothorasic Centre.

Address : TU Rd, Kirtipur 44618, Nepal.

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