Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University,Russia

The Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University also known informally as NovSU, was founded in 1993 by merging the two oldest higher education institutions of Veliky Novgorod: the Pedagogical and Polytechnic Institutes. Later, Novgorod Agricultural Academy was included into the structure of the University. At present it comprises seven Institutes and four Colleges of secondary vocational education.

It is unusual that the Novgorod State University would have the name of Prince Yaroslav the Wise incorporated into its title. On the eve of the University’s first anniversary, the Prince’s personal seal was discovered during archaeological excavations. Academician Yanin considered it a remarkable coincidence and suggested awarding the University the name of the Russian prince.

In the system of higher professional education of NovSU now there are eight schools: Humanities, Medical Education, Continuous Pedagogical Education, Polytechnic, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Electronic and Information Systems, Economy and Administration, and Further Education. Judging from the names, all of them have their distinct feature.

NovSU continues the political and educational mission of the Novgorod Prince Yaroslav-the-Wise and sees its destination in both the development of Russian education and science as well as in the interest of the individual, society and state, in glorification of Novgorod lands by learning and unity. Its objectives are to bear professional knowledge and experience, to implement humanistic ideals, and to build a social type of the individualadequate to the requirements of contemporary time. NovSU promotes cultural development of the regional community on a national and historical, spiritual and moral basis, while emphasizing the features and dynamics of “a learning university” on the latest organizational and technological basis.

NovSU is a dynamically developing University. More than 8,000 students study at the Novgorod State University, among them there are over 700 international students from 36 countries of the world. Academic staff of the NovSU is 896 persons. Among them: 115 doctors of science and 466 candidates of science.

Today 64 specialties, 19 branches of Bachelor’s training, and 11 branches of Master’s training are given at 20 faculties and 92 departments of the University.

NovSU is a uniform multilevel scientific complex. The university provides continuity of educational programs. It unites educational and research processes. Here signal to start is given and introduction to innovative projects is provided.

On the eve of the University’s first anniversary Prince Yaroslav-the-Wise’s personal seal was discovered during archaeological excavations. Academician Yanin considered it a remarkable coincidence and suggested awarding the University the name of the Russian prince. The official consent was received without delay.

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