Balkh University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Balkh University as a high academic and education institution was established in 1987 in Mazar-i-Sharif. In 1988 Balkh University starts officially with four faculties including Engineering, History and Literature, Economy and Agriculture along with the opening and operation of Medical faculty with 56 students under support of Ministry of Public Health. Later according to the needs and demands of environment in 1992 faculty of Law and Political Science and in 1993 Theology faculty were established. Education faculty which is the oldest institute for teacher training was known Rudaki Pedagogy institute joined under frame of Balkh University in 2003.

Balkh University has partnership from 2002 with academic institutions such as South Korea, Bochum University of Germany, Technical university of Berlin, AIT of Thailand, Kansas University of U.S, Selcuk University of Turkey, Representative Alwenaz University of U.S in Pakistan and Tajikistan Universities.

Balkh University has monthly outlook (News paper, of cultural and analysis of Balkh University) and Balkh Journalistic monthly newspaper (Department of Journalism outlook.)

Balkh University which was established in 1988 with four faculties currently has 15 faculties (Engineering, Economy, Agriculture, Theology, Literature, Computer Science, Journalism, Law, Public Administration, Medical, Education, , Science , Social Science , Geology Mining and Environment   Veterinary and Pharmacy that recently established in 1391) in day shift and has four faculties in night shift such as Economy, Literature and Humanities, Law and Political Science and Education with 22000 students and runs with 418 lecturers and 146 administration stuff and 141 workers. Finally,there are 3 Full Professor, 15 Professor, 24 Associate Professor, 54 Senior Assistant Professor, 96 Assistant Professor, 64 Senior Teaching Assistant and 5 Junior Teaching Assistant who are serving as academicians at Balkh University.

with hardworking and efforts of ministry and university’s Excellencies this academic institution become one the top university amongst universities in the country which is equipped with standard library having more than 60000 books in 20 thousand titles, six computer lap, one language lap and internet access.

Balkh University has students club, sports team such football and volleyball teams for providing better environment for students.There are several activities for encouraging of students like weekly conferences, scientific conference of lecturers in their faculties in this academic institution.

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