Alberoni University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Al-Beroni University is located in Kohistan, one of District of Kapisa Province, in central Afghanistan, about 64 km far away from the capital Kabul. Alberoni University is a public institute of higher education, and was inaugurated in 1998 by the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education.The university is named after Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, a renowned polymath scholar who lived in 11th century Khorasan. The AU beginning … Read more

Paktia University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Paktia University  is a public institution in the city of Gardez in Paktia Province, eastern Afghanistan. Paktia University was established in 2004. Until March 2009, the university shared a building with a teacher training college. The institution has an enrollment of approximately 5,000 students with a dominant number of male students. It consists of two faculties in fields of agriculture and education, … Read more

Nangarhar University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Nangarhar University which is the second major educational and academic university in the country level is established in 1963 on June 4, 2015  in his Excellency Muhmmad Zahir Sha domination by Late Ali Ahmad Popal in Sheshem  Bagha region. It started form Medical faculty where fifty American and three Afghan lecturers were teaching to forty eighty students. … Read more

Kateb University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Kateb University, is a pioneering private institutions in the field of higher education in Afghnistan. In 2007, during an official ceremony with the presence of a group of faculty members, representatives of the mass media, members of the parliament and groups of students in the auditorium at the Ministry of Higher Education, achieved its official … Read more

Kandahar University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Kandahar University  is a government funded higher learning institution in Kandahar, Afghanistan. It is one of two universities in southern AfghanistanKandahar University was established in 1990 based on the national developing policy of the government in the education sector in the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education. At first it had only one faculty of agriculture. … Read more

Kabul Medical University Faculty of Curative Medicine, Afghanistan

Kabul Medical University  formerly known as Kabul Medical Institute) is located in Kabul, Afghanistan on the campus of Kabul University. In 1932 Medical School was established as first core higher education institution.In 1980 Faculty of pediatric and faculty of Stomatology added to the medical school and the name of medical school change to the State Kabul Medical Institute.In 2004 it … Read more

Herat University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Herat University is established in 1367 as the request of the discerning people of Herat and approval of Ministry of Higher Education of that time. Although Herat from decades ago had its scientific and academic activities in Gowharshad Begom and Fakhrul Madaress, Herat University had been started its teaching and activities from  Faculty of Literature … Read more

Balkh University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Balkh University as a high academic and education institution was established in 1987 in Mazar-i-Sharif. In 1988 Balkh University starts officially with four faculties including Engineering, History and Literature, Economy and Agriculture along with the opening and operation of Medical faculty with 56 students under support of Ministry of Public Health. Later according to the … Read more

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