Belgorod National Research University Faculty of General Medicine and Pediatrics, Russia

Belgorod State National Research University is called upon to solve research problems of international and national scale, and also on the basis of synthesis of the educational, scientific, social and cultural functions of the university, to prepare professionals who will ensure the competitiveness of Russia and Belgorod region in the global socio-economic space, preserve and develop spiritually – the moral heritage of his great and small homeland.

The history of our educational institution is closely connected with the history of pedagogical education in Russia. Reforms of the 60s of the XIX century contributed to the acceleration of economic development, trade, military affairs and entailed an increase in the number of educational institutions. Since 1872, special educational institutions have started to be created – teachers’ institutes.

September 26, 1876 in the county town of Belgorod by order of the Ministry of Education has opened a teacher’s institute – the ninth in Russia. From this moment a complex but interesting path of our university begins.

June 4, 1919 Belgorod Teachers’ Institute on the basis of the order of the People’s Commissariat of Education of the RSFSR was transformed into the Belgorod Pedagogical Institute, and in 1920 – to the Belgorod Institute of National Education.

In 1922 the Belgorod Institute of Public Education was transformed into the Belgorod Practical Institute of Public Education, which in September 1923 was reorganized into a pedagogical technical school.

In 1939, the Belgorod State Teachers’ Institute was established on the basis of the pedagogical technical school.

Established five years ago on the basis of one of the oldest universities in Russia-the Teaching Institute, BelGU became the largest higher educational institution in Central Russia. It is important that the university gradually becomes the educational, scientific and cultural center of the region, it responds competently and operatively to its educational needs. The annual opening of new faculties and departments, preparation for the most modern and demanded areas and specialties is not only a sign of our dynamic time, but also a promising strategy for the development of the university.

In 2011 , by changing the type of the existing state educational institution of higher professional education “Belgorod State University”, a federal state autonomous educational institution of higher professional education “Belgorod State National Research University” (NIU “BelGU”) was established ( Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on February 1 2011 No. 129).

The founder of the Belgorod State University is the Russian Federation. Functions and authorities of the founder of the University are carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

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