Ferhat Abbas University of Setif (UFAS) Faculty of Medicine, Algeria

Created in 1978 in a spirit of innovation and constant quest for excellence, Ferhat Abbas Sétif University 1 has become over the years a major player and a development driver essential for the region.

More than 35,000 students including 22,377 in the first cycle (Bachelor’s degree programs), 4725 in the second cycle (Master’s degree programs), 6165 in the long-term cycle (Medical Sciences) and more than 2000 student in various doctoral degree programs (third cycle), spread out over 05 Faculties and 02 Institutes.More than 1,400 faculty including 1/4 higher-ranked teaching staff and Almost 1,200 administrative staff .UFAS1 is also 39 research laboratories, a research unit, many support and backing structures and an experimental farm , 45 Bachelor’s degree programs, 82 Master’s degree programs and many doctoral degree programs.

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