Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, Russia

Krasnoyarsk State Medical University is a leading higher medical University in Siberia and the Far East region. Krasnoyarsk State Medical University holds 17th place in Medical Universities of Russian Federation and 3rd place in Siberia and the Far East region. Krasnoyarsk State Medical Universityis a fusion of Leningrad Medical Institute and Leningrad Pediatric dental institute Krasnoyarsk State Medical University was formed in 1942 as Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute by the Order of the All-Union Committee for Higher Education. Till 1958 Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute had only medical faculty, but in 1958 the pediatric faculty was inaugurated. In 1978, faculty of dentistry, in 1992, faculty for Higher Nursing Education and in 2006, the Faculty of Pharmacy was opened. In its history Krasnoyarsk State Medical University has trained more than 30 thousand doctors, pediatricians, dentists, managers and organizers of practical public health. In the last five years Krasnoyarsk State Medical University has trained about 2,500 doctors.

Currently the university enrolled about 800 students in all faculties. Krasnoyarsk State Medical University is constantly evolving. In the last five years Krasnoyarsk State Medical University has opened eight new departments  morphological Centre, Laboratory of Anthropology, Institute of Nutrition, interdepartmental Biochemical Research Laboratory. Krasnoyarsk State Medical University has implemented new and interesting joint projects on international level together with other universities of Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and other countries. Today Krasnoyarsk State Medical University has 66 departments and staff of 690 professor and teachers.

The origin of the Krasnoyarsk State Medical University was directly related to one of the most tragic episodes in the history of the country – the blockade of Leningrad. History of the University originates November 21, 1942, when, according to the order of the All-Union Committee on Higher Education at the People’s Commissars of the USSR and Health Commissariat were united evacuated to the city of Krasnoyarsk Voronezh Dental Institute, part of the 1st Leningrad and 2-First Leningrad Medical Institute, Leningrad Pediatric and Leningrad dental institutions in one Krasnoyarsk medical Institute.
Formation of a new high school was held in stressful conditions: there was a bloody war, the front was not enough, not only shells and mines, tanks and planes, but also doctors.
Accelerated organization Institute helped local governments, existing institutions, technical schools, hospitals, industrial plants, not only of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, but also in other regions and territories of Siberia. Only thanks to the nationwide comprehensive care institution created in a few days was provided clinical training bases, all necessary equipment, reagents, teaching aids, and began to prepare the medical staff for the front. Its first graduates – several dozen physicians who have received the wartime medical degrees in Siberia, six months later went to the front, to save lives on the battlefield, nursed wounded soldiers in the hospitals and the medical battalion. Many of those who graduated from high school in later years of World War II, also began his independent career path at the front, in partisan units.
Selfless labor heroism Medical Institute organizers – former director of the Voronezh Dental Institute PG Podzolkov, the first rector, Professor NI Ozeretskoe (1942-1943), academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences AA Zavarzin, P. Kupalov Professor M. G. weight gain, associate BR Penkovsky, ZG Pirotinsky, A. T. Astakhov, NA Vargunin and many others.
In the early postwar years, a huge contribution to the development of practical public health services and medical science have academics Kirenskii and IA Terskov a medical school department chairs, and then as the organizers and the director of the Institute of Physics and Biophysics, Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
The enormous achievements of the scientists of the university – professors N. Zakharov, AM Dmitriev, AM Dykhne, AT Pshonik, II Gitelzon, YM Lubny, LL Rodnjanskogo, F. I. Kolpakov, RA Nihinsona, VP Krasouskaya; Topolsky associate VN, VN Zinoviev, BM Zelmanovich, OS Yukova – received great recognition, had a significant influence on the development of medicine in the region and in the country.
A special place in the galaxy of the first organizers of scientists of the university by Professor Nikolai Ivanovich Ozeretskoe, “progenitor” KSMI, the first rector (1942-1943); known pathologist Professor Peter G. Podzolkova, head of the Institute for more than 35 years; founder of the Siberian school of surgeons, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Boris Stepanovich Grakova, led by the Institute for 13 years; Professor Victor Ivanovich Prohorenkova, who headed the institution from 1994 to 2004.
One of the most outstanding personalities among the first teachers of Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute was Professor Valentin F. Voyno-Yasenetsky. The name of the doctor and the high-ranking priest (religious name Luke) honor not only to the medical community, but also all the inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk. In 1937, the war-Yasenetsky accused of spying for a foreign intelligence service and was sent to a five-year exile in the Krasnoyarsk region, in the village of Bolshaya Murta, where he worked as a surgeon in a district hospital. When the war started, Valentin F. offered their experience, knowledge, skills for the treatment of soldiers of the Soviet Army. In Krasnoyarsk, then a huge evacuation hospital was organized, and the war-Yasenetsky was appointed his chief surgeon, consultant to all hospitals of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In addition to round the clock at the hospital complex operations Valentin F. had time to lecture to students in the newly established medical school.
In Krasnoyarsk, in the city center, next to the temple, where during the Second World War is one of the housed evacuation hospital, monument VF Vojno-Yasenetsky and university proudly bears his name. The surgeon and the priest Valentin F. Voyno-Yasenetsky became an example for all students of the Medical University – and a former, and future.
Initially, the university had only a medical faculty. In 1958 it was opened pediatric faculty, and 3 years later – Faculty of Advanced Medical. In 1978 he founded the Dental School, in 1992 – Faculty of Higher Nursing Education. In 2005, on the basis of the dental faculty of the Institute of Dentistry.
In 1995, the order of the Russian State Committee on May 16, 1995 № 705 and the order of the Russian Ministry of Health on June 26, 1995 № 173 Krasnoyarsk State Medical Institute was renamed in Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy (KrasGMA).
Since December 2004 and is currently the rector of the university is a doctor of medical sciences, Professor Ivan Pavlovich Artyukhov, who personally oversees the activities to revitalize university heritage. Decision of the Health Ministry of Russia № 2624 from 14.12.2007 and with the blessing of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, the Academy was given the name of Professor Valentina Feliksovich Voyno-Yasenetsky, and in 2008 the results of a comprehensive audit of the University College of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science, Ministry of Education Russian Federation KrasGMA assigned medical university status.
Under the leadership of Artyukhov IP KrasGMU to reach a new level of organization of the educational and scientific process, infrastructure is developing actively.
For the first time in Russia among medical schools implemented and certified quality management system, innovative educational programs (medical informatics, molecular and translational medicine, educational programs in a foreign language).
Now in KrasGMU after Professor VF Vojno-Yasenetsky Russian Ministry of students enrolled in the 8 faculties of higher education, “pre-university and continuing professional education,” a fundamental medical education “,” medicine “,” pediatrics “,” Dental “,” pharmacy “,” medical cybernetics and management in health Care “,” clinical psychology “, department of” social work. ”
In addition to the structure of the university: 2 Institute (Institute of Dentistry and the Institute of Postgraduate Education), 66 departments, medical and College of Pharmacy, Institute of preventive and clinical nutrition, dental clinic, Central Research Laboratory, Institute of Molecular Medicine and patobiohimii, interdepartmental laboratory research and training centers (including international participation), Language center, Department of General practice, university hospital, Professors clinic, sanatorium, recreation “practitioner” in lake Shira, gym, ski-storage, a university stadium, a swimming pool, “Medusa” 5 dormitories, student club.
In 2011, attached to the KrasGMU Krasnoyarsk Medical and Pharmaceutical College, where the 3 branches of secondary vocational education (over 1,000 students).
Educational activities: training is conducted in accordance with Russian and international standards in the 66 departments of the university and on the basis of 125 urban health care institutions. Currently enrolled about 5500 students (including about 2% – foreign nationals), more than 130 graduate students, medical residents and interns annually training within its walls get doctors Krasnoyarsk Territory and other territories.
Since its founding in the university has trained about 40 thousand doctors, 90% of whom have worked or are working in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Among the graduates are not only doctors, but also those who, for various reasons changed his profession and showed their abilities in creative activities. It – poets and prose writers L. Taran, N. Eremin E. Rusakov, A. Korabel’nikov, G. Harutyunyan and others.
The University has more than 750 teachers, including 160 doctors and 400 candidates of sciences. Among teachers, 22 people have the title of “Honorary Doctor of the Russian Federation”, 2 persons – the title of “Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation”, 4 – the title of “Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation”, 5 – title “Honored Worker of Higher School”, 1 – the title of “Honored health worker the Russian Federation “. 6 employees of the university is the winner of the RF Government in the field of science and technology. In addition, work KrasGMU winners of prestigious national awards ( “Purple Heart”, “Profession-Life” and others.) And State Prizes of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Since 2010 KrasGMU is the coordinator of the interaction of medical and pharmaceutical universities of Russia to the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) and the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).
At the University are developing new educational opportunities for students: molecular and translational medicine, simulation center, subjects in English, an international accreditation program “clinical psychology” teacher training in Russia and abroad, the introduction of methods and forms of analytical and project activities in the work of students and teachers, the development of students and faculty academic mobility programs, the work of a young school teacher, teacher, curator of the school, the realization of an additional education program “teacher of the higher school” grantraytingu training). Every year, on the basis of KrasGMU organized by the All-Russian scientific-pedagogical conference with international participation from the series “University pedagogy”. This makes it possible to fully discuss topical issues related to the implementation of innovative educational technologies.
In KrasGMU, one of the first medical universities in Russia, in 2006 it implemented and certified quality management system of training of international standard. In 2008, the University was awarded the All-Russian competition Rosobrnadzor “vocational education system of quality of preparation of graduates of educational institutions.” Program “Medicine” and “Pediatrics” became the winners of the project “The Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia” for the period 2012-2014 gg.
In the period from 2012 to 2015 increased the number of foreign students – from 62 to 190. In 2015, the Department established the dean’s office of foreign students.
Since September 2013 the Department of developing – center GBOU simulation technology VPO KrasGMU them. prof. VF Vojno-Yasenetsky Russian Ministry of Health. According to the results of the accreditation in 2016 she was recognized as a simulation – assessment centers III the highest level.
In the world know Krasnoyarsk surgical school. For example, Professor AM Dykhne, who headed the department of surgery hospital in 1951-1957 years, trained a galaxy of talented doctors. His disciples Dralyuk N., A. Kokorin, V. Krasouskaya, M. Archipenko, A. Orlov recorded in the world medical encyclopedia.
Among the 500 most famous physicians of the XX century – the creator of pediatric school in Krasnoyarsk Professor Jean Jacques Rapoport. University teacher – a prominent scientist and neurosurgeon, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation MG Dralyuk became the winner of the First National Prize “Recognition” in the nomination “For carrying out a unique operation that saved the patient’s life” (2002), was awarded a golden scalpel “the best surgeons of Russia.” Krasnoyarsk orthopedic recognized as the best among the 4 finalists in Russia in the nomination “For the development of a new method of treatment.” For the creation of a unique device for the treatment of an S-shaped scoliosis – is the world’s only device that allows you to correct severe scoliosis in children already in the process of growth, – noted the head of the department of traumatology, orthopedics and military surgery professor VN and Shubkin Professor AA Lac, RR Gatiatulin VS Lapinskaya.
Since 2015 launched the international network of the educational program at the level of specialty and post-graduate (including the program “double degree”) from the partner university in Japan.
Participants in this program are 8 students, two graduate students. In addition, the targeted training of the teaching staff in graduate school in Japan’s universities is carried out since 2006 (Niigata, Kanazawa, Gunma, Osaka), participants in the program during this time period were 9 young scientists KrasGMU.

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